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Take command over RAF during the WW2 history turning point, the Battle of Britain! The goal of the game is to defend Great Britain against German bombing raids. The game has two distinct gameplay experiences where: * The player manages war production and squadron placement * The player organizes patrol routes and tactics The game follows the historical timeline very closely, but at the same time - the game mechanics are easy to learn (yet hard to master) and it provides great entertainment for both seasoned and novice players. * There are 12 aircrafts in the game - including of course the famous Supermarine Spitfire! * Every pilot is earning his own experience - witness your rookies become aces! * Manage the British war machine - decide what should be built and where * Fight epic air battles! * Lead English, Polish, Czechs and New Zelands squadrons to fight for freedom! Download the game now and see if you have the guts to blast those Jerries out of the English sky!

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Different RTS. Air battles are slow paced, yet exciting. Gfx is very nice. I like the idea of naming pilots, it adds a care factor when you sending them to fight.


Awesome game, beutifull and very hard.


If you do not command plane who to attack he will just go straight even if enemy is shooting at it, and you will not see who is enemy until you zoom in on its wing to see markings.

Squadron can fly over airfield and crash because it is out of fuel, and all pilots are killed.

Design is pretty basic and not very user friendly.

It had the chance to be very good game but this way it is only quarter of game. There were much better games on Spectrum.


well, not bad, but some additional features would habe been cool. Played freeware games which would have shot this plane.


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There are a few bad reviews of this game with just a low score and no comments so here a few things i feel about the game yes i like the idea alot hence the 6/10 score i like the game play and the art and sound makes the game so much better. BUT! and its a big but. this game is hard! very very hard. it will anialte you with no warning. my experiences with this game are basicly really enjoy the first day lose a few good piolets but save even more and fight many air battles, build up my air defences and more air fields. then the end of the day comes ok so (at this point note that during the first day as you have very little in the way of ex you are fighting maybe up to 6 plane squads and the max in your own squads is 8)at the end of the first day 2 16 plane (yes 16!) highlt powered planes yes they are the same types as the ones during the day but there are over doubble of them in eash squad. So what do you do you cant not fight them because they will just blow up your air bases witch in turn kills your piolets inside. it seems near impossible to win the first day. im not sure what else to try i have spammed aa guns the enamy can just tank trough it and bomb you i have tried facing them in the air... 16 vs 8 well lest just say it goes worse than sitting at base and twiddleing my thimbs. ok so you lose you base and your squads. whats the big deal. ex enven a tiny amount is important for piolets. and the bases arent just dammeged they are destroyed. so that £120 just gone no hope of recovery. In conclustion great game lots of fun and potental but so hard that int makes me angry to play. witch isnt fun. so if you want an honnest opinion no its not worth picking up not yet there isnt enough choices to try to win its bacicly try one of 2 tactics then play day one die at the end and it too frustrating to keep trying. Thanks for reading i hope this was helpful.




Great game - very hard at the moment but has a ton of promise. Still very enjoyable to play multiple times and try different stratagies. Recommend playing this one today. Cannot wait for updates and whats waiting in store to be introduced.



This game is really cool. Graphics are very nice and mechanics are simple but powerful. It's addicting, very well done and polished product. I can't say a bad thing about it and that's why I'm giving it 10/10. It's perfect :)


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