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The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game that is being developed to feature factions, units and technologies from the Ancient Near East.

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Progress Picture

Let's first take a look at the current view.

Progress picture 11

So what's happened since last update?

Enemy Attacks

You can no longer just sit back and relax. The enemy tribe will attack you, and they attack you with larger forces as the game progresses.

You can set the difficulty in the main menu: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.

Enemies attacking


If your people starve for too long, it's game over.

This means I've added another consequence for neglecting to feed your people, in addition to other consequences like reduced knowledge generation and reduced production speeds.

Your people is starving

Having a large population and/or army is a risk in itself because it needs to be sustained. I can imagine a common strategy will be to destroy your opponent's food supplies.

New unit: Spearman

I added the Spearman as an alternative to the Axe Man Warrior. This unit acts more like heavy-infantry. It has more HP and has armour against ranged attacks, but it's also the slowest unit, and more costly.


New technologies

Added 2. Mining increases mining speed, and Wheel lets villagers carry more resources. There's currently 5 technologies to research in the game, but I plan to include 20-30. A sign that this game is still early in development.

New technologies

Research complete

I routinely forgot to pick a new technology to research when I played through the demo, so I added a popup message to make me aware of when a research is complete.

Research complete

Unit stats

I also missed information about units when playing through the demo, so I added extra icons and numbers to show their stats. If you hold over an icon a tooltip describes the stat.

more stats

Balance changes

Buildings have more HP. Unit costs have changed (they all cost more). Units have been tweaked so that their roles are more distinct.

Units also deal siege damage to buildings. Ranged units are now very inefficient against buildings.

Playable build?

My goal is to include a link to a playable version of the game next time I post here, whenever that is!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Diary 2: Knowledge and Slinger

Dev Diary 2: Knowledge and Slinger

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The system for researching new technologies has been completely overhauled and a new unit has been added. Here I will discuss changes and additions since...

Dev Diary 1: Activities to help me finish my game

Dev Diary 1: Activities to help me finish my game


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what are the resources?
wood, gold [this pitcher], stone [brick]
knowledge, food

i like the idea of metal, instead gold {from 0.A.d}

make metal rare resource, used for late units. when heavy units die, the metal will be able to reclaim by workers [animation: worker kneeling and collecting something from corpse].

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ManaSky Creator

Thanks for your feedback. The resources are currently food, wood, wealth and metal, plus knowledge generation. Elite units will require metal and this will be the rarest resources in the game. Reclaiming metal from corpses is a cool idea. :)

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could you elaborate about wealth?
why there are 2x type of rocks resources : gold and coal?

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ManaSky Creator

You currently need wealth to hire an army. Wealth can be generated in several ways in the final design; with trade and by researching technologies. However, in the current version you can harvest wealth by mining obsidian and gold. The only difference between these is that gold contains more wealth to harvest.

Obsidian is a throwback to an early version of the game, from when the game took place in the Neolithic epoch (when obsidian was a valuable trading material). However, since the game now mainly takes place in later Calcholitic or Bronze Age epochs, I might remove obsidian from the game.

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on what do you spent wealth? normally on units?

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ManaSky Creator

Yes, most units. Only very basic (and weak) units won't require wealth to train. So the system for training units can be summed up like this:

Weakest units: consume food and might cost wood
Professional units: also requires wealth
Elite units: also requires metal

This means that you need a well-balanced economy to hire an army of elite units.

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This looks absolutely stunning!

Can't wait for a playable build, I'm really interested to see how it turns out.

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ManaSky Creator

Thanks @InvisiblePhil! This is very encouraging to read. :)

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This is a great idea! I really like the design and the concept you working on! If you want, I can help you out with some stuff even though I'm not the best programmer (I'm currently 16 with 2 years Java knowledge) but I think it would be a good practice for me and well... maybe I can really help you out ^^

In an emergency situation I can pixel some sprites for you.

Greets from Germany ✌️

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ManaSky Creator

Hey! Sorry for the slow response. Thanks for your positive comments and your willingness to help. Really appreciated! I've sent you a friend requeat.

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