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Original game was made for "Familiar Game Jam 5", and can be played here

I had not time to do all that I wanted, so I will make an extended version of the game.

The theme of the jam was deconstruction, so the story is about a man who, after many bad actions, wants to kill himself, but instead of that, he decides to clear his memories.
The game starts after that decision, so the notes you find in the "real" corridor are notes from himself before that decision. The other notes are his own memories, memories that he still remember, and are remembered backwards in time, from his last bad action to the first one.
The thing is that these memories are not all the bad actions he made. The deconstruction is that remember these pieces of the past do not represent the real life he lived.
The last note is a surprise, so I'll not explain it here.
The entire game represents the transition to a new life, not because he's dead (he's alive), but becoming a new man after a selfish life.

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So now, the first scene is free of these performance issues.

All these issues were consequence of using not static objects, while all of them had to be static (I knew that, but I had no time to beware of it). :(

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The ammount of dynnamic lights were the other problem, but it's fixed as well right now. :)


Other thing I've fixed (I wanted to fix it the first) was a strange illumination issue with a piece of the title scene.

This is the capture with that illumination issue (look at the ceiling):


And this is how it looks right now:


I'll keep working. You can play the game here and comment so I can improve the game.

Thanks! ;)

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