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Cortex sends sends enemies and goofy threats to Crash, Coco and
Crunch’s home in Wumpa Island. No one feels safe there so Coco has an
idea of a machine that could stop Cortex (I'm currently working on what kind of machine it should be) that requires crystals and
Energons to power it. So Crash and Coco go on their quest to get
crystals and Energons. Cortex also had a plan in mind that requires
crystals. He thinks that he may have perfected the Evolvo Ray and wants
to use it on Crash, Coco and Crunch again. So when Cortex sees what the
Bandicoots are up to, he wants Crash to give him the crystals and tries
to make a deal with him by saying privately to Crash “If you give ME
the crystals, I’ll give you an unlimited supply of Wumpa Whip and leave
you all alone so you have your peaceful lives back. (but he really
wants to power the Ray and use it on them) If you DON’T, I will use
force and destroy you and Wumpa Island!” So for Crash, he’s confused of
who to give the crystals to and since Crash can’t talk, he can’t
communicate to his friends what Cortex is telling Crash.

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Random-Gamer - - 183 comments


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Burger_Kong - - 2,051 comments

Is this game still alive?

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ravenkulit - - 50 comments

I Can't wait For this anymore!!!! I wish that Had a Demo I'll be spinning like Crash! lol lawl =)

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Catuse - - 17 comments

I know! This looks great! But when are you going to update it? I could just spin myself dizzy when it comes out!

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Catuse - - 17 comments

On YouTube you said you'd be ending this project. Is that true? ;( It looks so supercurricular (as Crunch would put it)!

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Catuse - - 17 comments

Oh yeah--I forgot to say, even though you aren't done, why not letting us download it, even though you may never be done?

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Catuse - - 17 comments

Two suggestions:

The thing Coco uses to destroy Cortex could be a laser like Brio used once.

Also: It needs AkuAku crates.

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needer - - 4 comments

It is there exists a demo of this game?

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Mykle Creator
Mykle - - 4 comments

not yet. but just to let ya'll know, this game is moving along very slowly =/ There's a lot of other things I've been doing but whenever I work on a game, I'll be updating this.

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magnam - - 2 comments

great game, i hope its out soon

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