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The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name is a biker racing game in which you ride a chopper on wild roads. It’s all about speed, fun and rock and roll. The game takes place in the wild biker’s world with a light and fun atmosphere due to a cartoonish graphical style, and an arcade oriented gameplay. The tracks are procedural, that means that your experience is different every time you play because roads are randomly generated by your computer and there is an infinite number of possible combinations. In this way one will not have to lean by heart a track to be able to compete with hard core players. The gameplay is foremost arcade to focus on the fun and the speed sensations. The controls are simple and the handiness is high. However there are little subtilities such as boost and position managment so that hardcore players will find a real challenge to master the game. You can also kick and punch your opponents, and you have to avoid crates, barrels and wild animals on the roads.

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