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The Colony focuses on exploration, cooperation, and the never-ending quest to become the greatest colony in the land! Start the colony of your dreams by choosing the right location and giving birth to your own little ant army! Expand and grow your colony by finding resources and creating pheromone trails for your workers to follow! Customize your base by digging into the ground, setting up a perimeter of traps and structures, and warding off would-be intruders to your glorious ant empire!

Post news RSS Exploring Ant Tunnels!

This week's devlog focuses on our tunneling system, which consists of procedurally generated tunnel chunks which connects hives around the level!

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This week's adventure dives int the depths of our ant tunnels!

Here you'll find a random assortment of treasures and creatures hell-bent to ruin your day!


You might discover a hoard of crafting supplies!


Or worse, spider eggs.


What mysteries are in-store for you and your fellow ants as you explore these dangerous chasms?

Everything is randomly generated each time you play with your friends and can produce over hundreds of different combinations!


If you're interested is seeing more features like this or participating in a future beta test, be sure to subscribe to our blog and youtube channel !

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