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Explore a fantastic vision of the Victorian era in The Clockwork Man, an epic hidden-object game. At the turn of the century, in an alternate timeline, steam-powered technology has become dominant in almost all walks of life. The latest in a long line of engineers and inventors, Miranda Calomy has always had a knack for creative problem-solving. When a strange letter from her grandfather arrives at her London flat, Miranda puts aside her plans and embarks on a global adventure. Can she manage to compile the parts to the world's greatest invention before it’s too late?Join Miranda and Sprocket on an amazing journey of hidden object challenges and perplexing puzzles in a Steampunk setting.

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Best game of its genre I've ever played! (Except maybe the clockwork man 2).
Combines great game play and artwork. The story could be more involving but I loved the game play so much I still gave it a 10.


I would give this game a 9 if it wasn't so short.


vistar says

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Не на русском...

Not my favorite genre of games, and the puzzles where a little bit easy for me. But my little sister loved it.


arjon says

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Good game. Runs perfect on OpenSUSE 12.1, no problems with flash. Splendit music and voices. The limited gametime and the limited variation in gameplay are the only negative points.

Demo version was splendid. So beautiful! That's a pity that games like Clockwork Man aren't a bit more popular.

I loved the music and the graphics. The characters are drawn so smoothly!

I am considering buying full version instead of immediate buying full version only because I don't have spare money at the moment.

Too bad it is written in Flash, because on Linux sometimes it doesn't run fluidly.


Lowered my rating from 9 to 8 when it turned out that the full version is so horribly short.


both episodes are very wonderful games if you like suck kind of games puzzles and stuff like that then you will like this one


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