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From Darkwood Productions, in collaboration with the creators of Slender: The Arrival, comes a new terror - The Chaser! You play as a paranormal investigator locked inside the abandoned Oakside Asylum. You are being hunted by a feral hooded creature known as the Chaser. Your goal is to face your fears as you try to activate ten generators in order to restore the power and escape.

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The Chaser


Back in 2013, Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions collaborated to develop Slender: The Arrival as a sequel to Parsec's Slender: The Eight Pages. After three years of silence, an independent video game developer has come forward to announce the development of a spin-off to the game. But, sorry - no Slender Man.

From Darkwood Productions, in collaboration with Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions, comes the psychological survival horror video game The Chaser. The game is based off of The Arrival's third chapter "Into The Abyss", in which the player must go around activating several generators whilst avoiding Slender Man and one of his 'proxies', Kate the Chaser (hence the game's title).

Unlike its predecessor, the game doesn't take place in an abandoned mine. But rather, an abandoned asylum where your only hope is to collect ten pages (a homage to Slender: The Eight Pages) and you find yourself being chased by Kate once again.

Darkwood Productions has teamed up with filmmaker and composer Ashton Gleckman, who will be composing the game's original soundtrack (OST). The game's story is written by Natalie Sparks, in addition to the artwork being done by Adrian Johnson.

The Chaser is scheduled to be released on Steam Greenlight starting October 31st, 2016.

Ulrik54 - - 28 comments

Hmm, where is the game?

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Guest - - 698,996 comments

Hi, my name is Adrian Johnson, graphic designer and producer for The Chaser. Brandon Santos, developer, had finished the game and a new DLC map for the game. The Chaser is scheduled to be released on Christmas 2016, while the DLC map will be released in early 2017, on GameJolt.

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trex_crazy - - 2 comments

release date?

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