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When Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

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An awesome roguelike. Keeps you entertained with a simple yet deep gameplay experience. Totally recommend!

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth is a well-tweaked remake to the 2011 Game The Binding of Issac and is definitely on the list of best remakes a game has ever seen.

The Plot:
The Story is about Issac,a kid who lives with his mother on a small house in a hill; Issac's mother watches Christian Broadcasts all the time while Issac keeps to himself, playing by himself. But when his mother starts hearing the 'voice of God' demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac tries desperately to save himself and ends up jumping into a previously unknown basement facing hordes of twisted, messed up monsters, discovers his lost brothers and sisters, faces his fears, and eventually his mother...

The Game is an RPG Dungeon Crawler(Heavily based off Rogue) with procedurally(randomly) generated levels, multiple Unlockable Characters, Tons of Items(450+ Items, that can even change your character's visual appearance), a bunch of achievements, Over 45+ Bosses Challenge Runs, highly appealing art and a WHOLE LOT OF POOP PHYSICS!
This game will keep you going for 400+ Hours
(side effects may include Keyboard Rage, Broken Keys/Controllers, Heavy excitement, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, getting fired from your job, girlfriend breaking up with you, loss of sanity, and failing your classes.)
and the local Co-op Mode is a huge Bonus!

-Highly Appealing(and gory) Art
-Over a thousand Item combos
-Each New Run is Refreshing and has a different feel

-The Original Game's Soundtrack was slightly better
-No Multiplayer(though it makes up for this with the Local Co-op Mode)
-Not Advised to play if you are a very devout Conservative Christian who is not open to humour.

My Verdict:
The gameplay is quite fun and the best part for me, was the art and the story...It seems so simple, and quite humouristic with all the Poop jokes yet It's really deep and philosophical...that is, If you think about it.

Definitely Play this if you're into Dungeon Crawlers, RPGs, or just bored and need a game to play, provides hours of Fun!

This game is PERFECT. For all those people that love those randomly generated dungeons, this is the game for you. Perfect "rogue-like" elements, great adventure, many items and spawn chances, and not to mention a fantastic story line. This game has always had me coming back for more every single time. From unlock-able characters, to different bosses (including the challenging boss rush), a variety of items, and different endings; this game is a must have.

It's a great remake with practically all bugs removed. All I had to deal with was getting used to the new graphics style, which I favoured a lot in the original.

The game in my opinion is amazing
The animation style is great, The theme is good, The amount of secrets is huge, The replayability factor is infinite, The gameplay is amazing, I honestly can't recommend this game enough

The first inkling I had of The Binding of Isaac was the rather infamous credits song in the original: the first thought that I had was "Dear lord, what sort of twisted game has this music and where the hell can I get it?" Needless to say I found TBoI on Steam, bought it and had an absolute blast. Fast forward a few months to Rebirth: I'd pre-ordered it along with a veritable crapton of other people and when it arrived on my account I was ecstatic and a little bit nervous. Would The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth live up to the lofty heights of it's predecessor?

Hells yeah!

Rebirth is more than worth the extra money: it runs much smoother than it's Flash engine namesake, it introduces a slew of new items, monsters and bosses and it comes packed with all manner of secrets courtesy of Edmund McMillen and the team at Nicalis. Of course no game is completely free of hiccups: that lovely credits song no longer haunts the epilogues and the term "Troll Engine" has been tossed around on various communities in regards to the rather hefty difficulty. Don't let this put you off though! Rebirth is an excellently crafted game that I highly recommend to Isaac veterans and newbies alike. Also nothing compares to the feeling of obliterating bosses in 5 seconds with giant chocolate scythes.

Yep, you read that right. :)


Rebirth is a drug and it drags you from every point of view, let's start from the beginning.

Gameplay: it's just GREAT, the random element, the synergies, the exploration. Easy controls for one of the hardest games of this 2014.

Music: Very nice, you will love it.

Characters: 11 characters and a style of play for each.

Longevity: if you're really good at this game, to complete it at 100% you have to spend 150+ hours, at least.

I will not go over.
Just play it.


binding says

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But really. it is. This isn't spam, i just had to get 150 characters in.


I watched many people play Wrath of the Lamb on youtube and twitch. Then I heard Rebirth was release. I loved the new art style and finally picked it up on steam. While I was humbled by how much harder it was to actually play than what I expected while watching, it is incredibly addictive and I try to play at least one run a day. Awesome game.

Binding of Isaac is an extremely complex game, way more than you would expect at first glance or first play-through. The story behind it is dark and captivating, although if you prefer to play through without too much thought you can easily beat the game without it being forced down your throat. The sheer amount of items and item combinations that work in interesting ways is honestly surprising considering its roots.

Every game is new and exciting, and I sincerely recommend it to anyone with a few bucks and a month or three to kill.

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