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The Apartment Just in time for Halloween experience the terror that is the Apartment! This game has an incredible eerie atmosphere with an evil entity making our main characters life a living hell in his apartment. The game is a love letter to 80's horror flicks and video nasties it has plenty of jump scares and strange events that you will experience when playing. The game is best played with headphones and preferably in the dark, it is a horror game after all, for users who have purchased the game all future updates will be free this includes any extra episodes. Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the game, if there are any bugs please get in contact the game has been tested thoroughly but if you experience any bugs i would like them reported. Thanks

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The Apartment v1.01 Released


Hi everyone, the first update for the Apartment has been released. This update specifically fixes various bugs that users were experiencing on their systems these are listed below -

- An issue with lighting being too dark for some users
- Issues with sounds looping
- A random teleportation bug
- Various minor fixes - including endgame

The update also includes some new content such as new textures, sounds and other surprises.

As promised a new chapter for the game is nearing completion and will be released in the next update, a trailer and screenshots for the new chapter will be uploaded very soon.

You can purchase the latest version of The Apartment at Dazo247.itch.io

Thanks again for your support.

The Apartment Now Available

The Apartment Now Available


The Apartment is now available for purchase at itch.io!


Hi there, I run a (somewhat known) YouTube channel and was playing your game on video, however I found the game very difficult to play. I encountered many bugs, many many bugs indeed, oh yes quite a lot of bugs.

How in the hell do I beat the blue guy after I kill the chainsaw man? A couple of bugs I found during this stage is that the chainsaw never seems to end its audio looping, and I fell through the floor around some tables or something, I can't quite honestly say what I saw but that goes to show with everything else in the game. I understand spooky stuff is quite often paired with the dark but I honestly struggle to see at all which makes me feel like the game is rather unplayable. For example, many great horror games don't use the darkness as their default theme throughout the games. Amnesia for example, I could see quite a lot and still **** my pants while playing them.

Either way, I'd love to talk through a more direct platform if you're up to some chats, I think I could help you with some testing/theories/planning/whatever, I think this game has great potential.

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d247games Creator

Sorry you encountered a lot of bugs I tested the final build multiple times on 2 different machines I am working on a patch however and there is free expansions coming as well.

I love the idea that you could help out I am on my own with this project so message me and we can sort something out.

Thank you for the feedback my friend I'll look into the issues you encountered.

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