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The AMC TC is an epic multi-character single player stand-alone game based on Duke Nukem 3D, utilising Eduke32 and the 2.5D BUILD engine. There are 5 episodes planned; episodes 1, 2 and 3 have been released and episode 4 is in development. Each episode is a full length campaign featuring detailed and intricate levels to explore, with dozens of secrets and scores of enemies to fight and weapons to utilise.

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Version 1.10 of the AMC TC has been released, currently pending authorisation from the Moddb team. This patch has tons of new additions. Check the download information for install instructions. Full changelog in main post.

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AMC TC v1.10
-Modified Red Dot/EOTECH sights, Crosshairs now point exactly to where bullet will go
-Modified For Providence, adding minor details + couple of enemies
-Modified MillHaven outside, added new area
-Modified Snow Base, added scanning items to bodies and Plasma gun to altar room
-Modified Megabase, added detail to Radiation chambers
-Replaced Hard skill with Expert, replaced previous Expert with Professional
-Fixed rolling bug
-Fixed not being able to melee after using FG42's bayonet
-Fixed Rusty's Overunder shotgun not showing alternate ammo graphics when reloading
-Fixed graphic bug with Sang's BAR reloading tile
-Fixed oversight with Sang reloading with wrong hand on FN FAL and AK103
-Fixed 48 ammo being given to pistol when picking another; now gives double proper ammo amount
-Fixed M1911 not taking 2 silver ammo when firing 2 pistols
-Fixed loadout screen not removing OTs-33 when selecting the M1911
-Fixed loadout screen not removing AK74s when selecting the M41C
-Fixed reloading glitch with Protecta
-Fixed Allys who could fire armour piercing guns at selected targets didn't
-Fixed Ice frost to spawn at enemies' midsection rather than feet
-Fixed display bugs with Magic Trap and Proximity Bomb
-Fixed Heart leech so it actually works
-Fixed Merlijn's blunderbuss accuracy
-Fixed Scientist not appearing in Snow Base
-Fixed EDF Soldier's dying animation
-Fixed bug with jumping to exit Upgrade machine
-Fixed shooting protected enemies playing character's line too often
-Fixed Rusty's HUD so that proper ammo pictures show for all weapons
-Fixed crosshair not updating to show decreased accuracy underwater
-Fixed crouching still effecting accuracy whilst underwater
-Fixed error with pentagram shading
-Fixed Zaxtor's HUD to show flechete shell count when using a compatible weapon
-Fixed Geoffrey's Mine/Discomb graphic cutoff
-Fixed training needed door closing in later base revisit
-Fixed exploit in Millhaven
-Fixed zombified Chaingunner to play body-drop noise when killed
-Fixed zombified Scientist to play body-drop noise when killed
-Fixed Uzi akimbo graphics, now Sang's proper hands display when reloading left Uzi
-Fixed Merlijn's death animations having blue blood and old frame appearing when dead
-Fixed destroying a vase that player is searching stopping the mouse working
-Fixed Cultists grabbing player even if they can't see them
-Fixed several temporary weapons not displaying ammo count on pickup HUD
-Fixed Temp nailgun giving it's properties to other weapons
-Fixed oversight with M16 Shotgun's muzzleflash
-Fixed Shotgun Cultist becoming invincible if killed by something else during a shotgun struggle
-Fixed graphic error with animated computer texture
-Fixed Mercenaries and Zombified humans not being set on fire properly
-Fixed Light Power suit enemy flipping on last death animation
-Fixed Tripbomb being spawned when using Merlijn's Trap-Sphere
-Fixed mag count showing up when using Sang's slot 3 weapon
-Fixed temporary shotguns spawning wrong shells when loading after alt ammo types run out
-Fixed Red blood being spawned when shooting a protecter drone
-Fixed being able to change weapon ammo types whilst shooting
-Fixed weapon switch keys being usable in interfaces/vehicles/misc things
-Fixed gun smoke spawning incorrectly on the PPSh-41
-Fixed being able to slide on water
-Fixed being able to pick up Heavy armour when already at 200 armour
-Fixed Liz Troop being able to play dead on water
-Fixed some redundant code in Fascist enemy shoot state
-Fixed ally icon display code error
-Fixed Long axe not triggering slashing animation on Triads
-Fixed being able to sprint whilst not on the ground
-Fixed sprite list corruption in Mill Haven Outside
-Fixed map corruption in Credits map
-Fixed bug in Episode 1 Epilogue
-Tweaked Highwire's Support radio; can be used twice but brings in one soldier per use
-Tweaked and reduced clock ticking noise radius
-Tweaked and reduced Shotgun pellet damage to body armour, to both player and enemies
-Tweaked and increased Merlijn's shield protection angle
-Tweaked and reduced Light Power Suit enemy's health
-Tweaked and increased PPsh-41's damage
-Tweaked and increased Silver Talon's reload time
-Tweaked and increased Riot Shotgun's accuracy (does not affect Pigcop's accuracy, just the temp weapon they drop)
-Tweaked visibility on Sang's HUD
-Tweaked Satyr so that it's not knocked back by gunfire so much when charging
-Tweaked Gunshop so added weapons are colour-coded (Blue for sold by default, green for Matvei, yellow for gold)
-Tweaked Sang's shield buff to 50 maximum instead of 100 (so that armour pickups aren't made redundant)
-Tweaked sliding to reduce Stamina
-Tweaked Pig Cop tank; Pig cop will now always spawn if you hit it's self-destruct, and will never spawn if you blow it up
-Tweaked Pig Cop tank to spawn smoke and some sparks when heavily damaged
-Tweaked Pig Cop tank wreckage to be destroyable
-Added Skill trophies, displayed in mission select screen
-Added extra detail, new enemies, equipment and some minor TROR to Dis Base, as well as more mission updates
-Added new graphic to weapon shop highlighting new equipment
-Added new Maephisto enemy
-Added new female zombie soldier enemy
-Added new magic spawning circle to Sorcerer, Lost Spirit, and Dark avatar
-Added protection sigil effect for attack supernatural enemies with ineffective weapons
-Added Mission update to Snow Base, explaining the enemy light power armour
-Added new Gold Jericho for James
-Added new PP-19 Bizon for James (which replaces his SR-2)
-Added new Gold AutoRifle for Zaxtor
-Added new Gold dagger for Merlijn
-Added new Gold Skorpion for Highwire
-Added new PKM for Highwire
-Added new Automag for Highwire (Purchasable at Shopkeeper's hideout)
-Added new Gold Ring for Sang
-Added new flame spell for Sang
-Added new Suppressor upgrade for Sang's Uzi
-Added new SR-2 for Sang
-Added new Gold Revolver for Rusty
-Added new Gold Magshot for Geoffrey
-Added new Gold Talon for Mikko
-Added new MS-Corp Assault Shotgun for Mikko
-Added new Nailgun for Mikko (Purchasable at Shopkeeper's hideout)
-Added MS-Corp Silenced AP SMG to Snow base, was left out by mistake
-Added new voice for EDF Soldier in gameplay, by Sangelothi
-Added M60 EDF Soldier (Spritepal 16)
-Added unique reloading sounds for FN-57
-Added missing researchable weapons to mission select room
-Added motion blur to Merlijn's sword animation
-Added motion blur to Merlijn's great axe animation
-Added couple more deceased scientist sprites
-Added more death animations to Zombified Chaingunner
-Added ability to headshot zombified Chaingunner
-Added ability to headshot zombified scientists
-Added another death animation to Satyr
-Added 5 more body-dropping sounds
-Added blood graphics to Merliijn's sword
-Added blood graphics to Merlijn's long axe
-Added widescreen support for Zaxtor's HUD
-Added widescreen support for Merlijn's HUD
-Added sound effect for when a nail hits an enemy
-Added new firing sound for M16s
-Added ability to destroy trees with explosives
-Added ability to headshot Light power suit enemy
-Added ability to headshot Mercenaries
-Added sight and death sounds for Light power suit enemy
-Added 'Spirit damage' that covers enemies in blue flames
-Added new death animation for Humans killed by an energy weapons
-Added new death animation for Humans killed by a Spirit weapon
-Added new ability for Shade enemy; will teleport near to player if player's in or near a dark area
-Added new blood graphics for shooting protector drone
-Added better floating code by Dan (Also fixes items slowly floating upwards forever)
-Added new options to AMC Settings file
-Added extended Episode 1 ending, unlocked when all levels beat on Professional
-Added new voxel for MP40, thanks to ReaperMan for this
-Improved HUD weapon bar to now show grenade modes and akimbo weapons
-Improved EDF soldier's graphics
-Improved AK-74's reload animation
-Improved FN-57's reload animation
-Improved MS-Corp Shotgun's animation
-Improved Jackhammer's reload animation
-Improved Red Materia gun's animation
-Improved MS-Corp Plasma gun's idle animation
-Improved Green Materia gun's animation
-Improved Nemesis Staff's animation
-Improved Rusty's revolver reload animation
-Improved Lightning/Ice Spell's animation
-Improved Uzi's animation
-Improved Long Axe's animation
-Improved widescreen support for Merlijn's sword
-Improved Various dropped shell and magazine graphics
-Improved Gun and Bullet smoke graphics (Thanks to Eddy Zykov for the graphics)
-Improved reloading for Pump-action shotguns; gun pumps after reloading from empty (and one extra shell can be loaded afterwards)
-Removed Nemesis Staff's ambient sound, because it was infuriating


Hopefully the Go-Ahead from moddb won't take long. This is a phenomenal update. Item one, is not easy to implement for example. Neither to give head-shots counts to actors. Can't wait to test this :D

As for the skill levels, is that an additional skill level?

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Jblade35 AuthorSubscriber

It takes the place of where Expert used to be, and Expert replaced Hard skill mode. When I did this change Eduke only supported showing 4 skill levels, but then like a week after this change they added support for placing more on the menu :P

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