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The hero fights to free a land that is controlled by seven towers, he must find each tower and slay the lost soul within. The game is played across two main types of levels. Type one is a side scrolling action based level. These levels contain plenty of monsters to fight and many sections are guarded by sub-bosses. The character has various attacks to aid his progress through these levels and in some parts can change into a wolf/beast. The second type are the main towers, these levels are vertical and are more puzzle based as the player must climb to the top, or descend to the bottom. There will still be some fighting along the way but most fights will be part of puzzles. At the end of these levels Bathoryn will have to fight and beat the tower boss before moving onto the next area and tower.

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As someone who grew up on classic games like Blades of Vengeance and Castlevania - i simply couldn't stop admiring this game from the first sight. It is a true gothic pixel-art masterpiece. Fantastic!!! The ex-artist in me applauds this game in awe of it's beauty and design. Gameplay is exactly like the oldschool console glory. Works great with a gamepad and everything feels familiar and very much "at home". No grinding or useless loot. It is just like the old Castlevania, only much better! The only reason i don't give this a 10 - is because i think the team which is THAT good - should have pushed for the soundtrack which has more of a standalone power to it, beyond being just a game accompaniment. I know my band and i would definitely do just that. Still, i can only say great things about this game. If you have oldschool style in your blood - you'll love this!


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