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Tenshu General is a casual strategy game with a board game look and feel. Set in the time of the samurai in early Japan, players control a Tenshu castle from where they rule their land. Moving their armies from province to province they try to close in on the enemy’s Tenshu and destroy it. Tenshu General mixes traditional Risk and Stratego elements with RTS mechanics, in which the player has to define a strategy based on deduction and tactical skills. She can play against human like opponents which can have different characters and play style such as opportunistic, defensive, casual or Gung-Ho.

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Nov 26 2013 Anchor

Hi all!
We are having some trouble with an automated build for the Mac. In the mean-time to play on Mac you can follow these steps:

1) Download the Linux version and unpack to a folder of your choice
2) Open the Terminal application by using Finder
3) navigate to the folder where you unpacked the Linux download by cd (path to folder of Tenshu General), e.g. cd Download/Tenshu General
4) Download Tenshugeneral.com and unpack the zip
5) copy the files from the unpacked folder of the zip (folder is called macosx), there are 3 files: cp (path to macosx folder)/* ./lib/natives
6) Save the following in a file called tenshu.sh.



java -cp $CLASSPATH -Djava.library.path=$LIB_PATH nl.bofili.tg.TG2Desktop

7) Set permissions by typing chmod 700 tenshu.sh in the Terminal
8 ) Run it from the terminal by typing ./tenshu.sh.

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Dec 9 2013 Anchor

Hi Casper,
Thanks for your speedy reply.
I've just tried to follow your directions and you lost me at (5)
When you say - copy the files from the unpacked folder of the zip - do you intend for me to copy and paste all three files (I think not, but if you DO, where am I supposed to paste them?)
or perhaps, am I supposed to type in Terminal "cp (path to macosx folder)/NAME OF ONE OF THE THREE FILES YOU HAD ME UNZIP???? FOLLOWED BY ./lib/natives
and then maybe repeat for the remaining two files in the macosx folder????
for (6) do I copy and paste the contents of the window shown into a TextEdit file, then save it with the name tenshu.sh - if yes, do I include the words bash code:
for (7) do I just type chmod 700 tenshu.sh in terminal? (I don't know what you mean by Set permissions). Will this cause the game to start up?
Thanks for any further assistance you can give me

Dec 9 2013 Anchor

You're almost there and you're on the right track:

Step 5 indeed means copy all the 3 files to the ./lib/natives folder. The "cp" command works in a Terminal screen and in stead of copying the files one by one, you can use the "*" symbol to copy them all at once to ./lib/natives. You could also execute this step using the Finder app, which ever method you prefer.

Step 6 is exactly as you describe copy and paste the text in a TextEdit file and save as tenshu.sh. NB: do NOT include the wordes "bash code"

Step 7 is again executed in the Terminal window, by typing the "chmod" command you are actually "setting the permissions"

After this, to run the game, type from the Terminal "./tenshu.sh", this will actually start the game. I will add that as a step 8.

Let me know if this works for you. I'm still working on the Mac version that will make the process a lot easier.

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