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Tenshu General is a casual strategy game with a board game look and feel. Set in the time of the samurai in early Japan, players control a Tenshu castle from where they rule their land. Moving their armies from province to province they try to close in on the enemy’s Tenshu and destroy it. Tenshu General mixes traditional Risk and Stratego elements with RTS mechanics, in which the player has to define a strategy based on deduction and tactical skills. She can play against human like opponents which can have different characters and play style such as opportunistic, defensive, casual or Gung-Ho.

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How the army chooses its path to another province (Games : Tenshu General : Forum : Gameplay support : How the army chooses its path to another province) Locked
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Aug 25 2013 Anchor

Quickest path

The army will choose the quickest route to its destination based on four things:

  1. The terrain types it has to navigate
  2. The composition of the army; how many cavalry, infantry and archers
  3. Whether it will cross any borders to provinces which are owned by a different player, or to a rebel province
  4. Whether a piece of the route is on a road, or off-road

Terrain modifiers
Each terrain gives advantages and disadvantages to certain units, which you can see by clicking on the terrain icons on the map. Below is an overview of terrains and units:

  • Forest
    • Advantage: Infantry
    • Disadvantage: Cavalry
  • Plains
    • Advantage: Cavalry
    • Disadvantage: Archers
  • Mountains
    • Advantage: Archers
    • Disadvantage: Infantry


  • If you see the army wants to take a certain route, but you'd like a different one, try changing the army composition to find a quicker route.
  • You can use the features of the map as a strategic advantage, by creating armies which can travel across a certain terrain type very well.
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