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A 100% free multiplayer and single player strategic first person shooter with Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars elements created in the Renegade Engine with TT 4.0 Code and Enhanced Graphics.

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F***ing awesome


I see a nice future for this mod ;D


its really, really awesome
But can you add units from Kane's Wrath?

Still needs work, but it's surely one of the most fun Renegade mods out there.

Very Nice Game, really worth the download.


as a huge c&c/renegadefan you HAVE to play this!


An absolutely amazing mod.

Keep up the good work!

This mod is just so awesome!


TCW is a complete total conversion for Renegade. Whilst it has the familiar cnc mode where you try to destroy the enemy base, it has coop missions and domination mode where you capture points to push back the enemy team.

As it's using W3D (the engine Renegade uses), you can also easily run it on any old hardware. The developers are very active (I've played with them!) and the regulars are friendly.

It's released but the developers are still adding new content. Definitely worth a look, it's fun multiplayer without bad game mechanics.


I like this game. In game engine they are using they have a hard work, so... I rated game as 10-from-10....
I don`t think i can writ more, but the game is good. This is main.