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A 100% free multiplayer and single player strategic first person shooter with Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars elements created in the Renegade Engine with TT 4.0 Code and Enhanced Graphics.

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Tiberium Crystal War 1.40 is now Released reducing filesizes and first time loadtimes significantly.

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Tiberium Crystal War Full Beta 1.30 Released (FREE TO PLAY)
Official Website: Tiberiumcrystalwar.com

IMPORTANT: Please UNINSTALL any previous versions of TCW before installing this one.

DOWNLOAD MIRROR 1: Tiberiumcrystalwar.com
DOWNLOAD MIRROR 3: Game-maps.net

Please NOTE that the installer might appear to be "non responsive" when installing, just leave it running, it is actually busy extracting the files.
Please NOTE that when you run the GAME for the FIRST time it may take a long time for it to load up, just be patient :)

GDI Arms and Wrists 01.02.2012 Dev night results

v1.23 Vehicle Spawn Pads Temple Of Nod in game

Run the Tiberium_Crystal_War_Beta_v1.40.exe installation and follow the onscreen instructions. NOTE: The installer may appear to be unresponsive, just give it a few minutes to complete installing.

You must install the VC Redist which starts when installing Tiberium Crystal War.
You must install the DirectX update which starts after the initial TCW installation completes.
Your pc (XP systems mostly) must have Microsoft .NET Framework installed or the Launcher will not work.
Download it here: Microsoft.com

Configuring Tiberium Crystal War Graphics and Sound
Please run the Configure Tiberium Crystal War shortcut in your Startmenu and configure your options as you see fit.
Note that if it is the first time you run the config it may not save your settings right away. Launch the game, then exit it, and run the config again. It will save the settings on exit.

Playing the Game Online
Simply run the Launcher in administrator mode, enter your nickname and then click "Launch Game" to join and fight for either GDI or Nod in our server :)
If there are any updates available you will be notified to download them.

Internet Relay Chat
IRC = irc.multiplayerforums.com #MPF-TCW
Dont have IRC? Mirc.com or Mibbit.com

--- Beta 1.40 Full Release Additions:
Re-Arranged the Always* files so they are smaller
--- Beta 1.34 Update Additions:
New updated TCW-Launcher with some minor fixes
Added sounds for Nod Laser Turret
Added sounds for GDI Guardian Cannon
Rebalanced Laser Turrets and Guardian Cannons on Snow map
--- Beta 1.33 Update Additions:
Added a bunch more trees on Snow map
Created new ammotype for Laser Turrets that does far less damage to infantry
Added Guardian Cannons and Laser Turrets to the map Snow for testing
Updated unit purchase sounds for rifle squad, sniper, zonetrooper, black hand flame, nod commando, shadow
Added under attack sound for Nod War Factory
Added destroyed sound for Nod War Factory
Changed Nod Weapons Factory name to Nod War Factory
Added under attack sound for Nod Tiberium Silo
Added detroyed sound for Nod Tiberium Silo
Added under attack sound for GDI Tiberium Silo
Added destroyed sound for GDI Tiberium Silo
Added destroyed sound for GDI Command Post
Added destroyed sound for GDI Armory (GDI only)
Added under attack sound for GDI Armory (GDI only)
New start/stop/idle sound for GDI Chinook/Ox Transport
Added new bunkers to Tropical and fixed some collisions on rocks
Added new bunkers to Dominatrix map
Added new bunkers to Center Point map
Removed Tiberium Silo's on TCW_Snow map
Fixed a bug in tcw_Base_Defense script used on Cruising Samsites
Dominatrix is now a night-map making the Control Point lights look splendid
New Fixed Launcher should solve problems on XP systems
New Tiberium Spike and Harvesting Code
Updated map Dominatrix with trees
Fixed under attack message for GDI Tiberium Silo's
Renamed the "Godmode" character to Chuck Norris
Renamed Chuck Norris to Justin Bieber
New domination map TCW_Nodewar based on Spikewar with 5 Control Points
Added new texture for Battle Engineer Helmet (Coop maps only)
Added new texture for the GDI Engineer
Fixed Coop Nod Commando to use the new model
Fixed Coop Rocket Soldiers to use the new model
Made Stealth Tank a little slower
Made Scorpion Tank a little slower
Made Flame Tank a little slower
--- Beta 1.32 Update Additions:
Music on Tropical changed to "Frank Klepacki - Just Do It Up"
Added a new "vehicle" for special use under Object->Vehicle->TCW_Neutral->TCW_Dummy_Vehicle
Attack Bike slowed down by 25% so it is no longer impossible to chase them
Control Points now return to Neutral when destroyed showing off the Neutral animation
New Control Point animating model for Center_Point and Dominatrix map and domination type maps in general
--- Beta 1.31 Update Additions:
Nuclear Missile now has nicer smoke emitter when "Ready"
Nuclear Missile now takes off slower when fired
Command Post Radar Scan now plays the sound when initiated
Temple of Nod now plays sounds when attacked/destroyed
Ion Control Center now plays sounds when attacked/destroyed
Command Post now plays sounds when attacked/destroyed
Several new death sounds for infantry
New technology acquired sounds volume increased
New flamer fire sound
New Orca flying sound
New remote c4 sound
New timed c4 sound
New c4 plant sound
Technology stolen sounds amplified
New taunts added: allday, better, bring, face, dollar, gg, guns, hell, imgood, kickass, mess, myway, nochance, piss, rest, shit, sit (thx MalarKeY007)
APC's and Chinooks now play a funny sound when they are full - all'aboard
Command Post now scans the map for stealth units and reveals them for two seconds every five minutes
Dominatrix updated with new vehicle spawnpads
Center Point updated with new vehicle spawnpads
Walls lighting fixed
Fixed Vehicle Spawnpads collisions
Vehicle Spawnpads now give lights when neutral(blue), gdi(yellow) or nod(red)

You *must* let the installer run VCRedist and the DirectX Update at the end and install them or TCW may not work correctly.
You *must* install the .NET Framework 4.0 (download: Microsoft.com )
You *must* run the TCW-Launcher in Administrator mode or updates will not function

Greetz TCW Dev Team



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