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TAXINAUT is an open-world sci-fi exploration game where you play a taxi-driver in space.

Earn your living through what is perhaps the second oldest profession in the Galaxy: Taxi driver. Often full off loneliness, frustration and apprehension but sometimes wondrous and astounding, discover the galaxy as a Taxinaut.

Uncover the many extraordinary and often clandestine places of a galaxy where most large conflicts have been played out and races have lived together and mixed for millennia to form a landscape that is rich in variation but festering with depravity and corruption.

Shuttle passengers from glamorous entertainment planets to dangerous ghetto worlds. From tightly controlled administrative centers to wild alien outlands. From sacred burial planets to ancient abandoned landfills.

Pick up passengers from a large assortment of seedy aliens: business-men, lawyers, pushers, dope-fiends, exotic dancers, religious freaks, DNA peddlers, cloners, gangsters, cyborg zombies, corrupt politicians and holy-men and get them to divulge their secrets during the long and hazardous journey.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • 3GHz i5 CPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • GTX-1050
  • Display capable of 1920x1080 at 32bit
  • Mouse with left & right-button and scroll-wheel
  • Keyboard

Note: The game will feature very adult elements like those you might find in exploitation movies of the 1970s and 1980s (albeit in a hopefully entertaining manner).

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TAXINAUT has been in development for more than 3 years and is finally coming out in early-access format on itch.io on March 6th 2020 for $5.99.



The aim is to have a game that provides enough content for about 20 hours of play and to have it so a player never has to start a new game to access new content.

  • V0.7 - $5.99: Current version. Seems stable to me but issues are to be expected. Content is lacking. There's a chance you will have to start a new game to play new content or versions.
  • V0.8 - $7.99: Stable and from this version on you should never have to start a new game. Content will still be lacking.
  • V0.9 - $9.99: Stable and although some content is still not there everything should be working to be able to play through a "main story-line".
  • V1.0 - $12.99: Stable and with enough content for at least 20 hours.

Buying any version of course gives you access to all future versions. After V1.0 I plan to continue developing content & features. Everything will of course depend on whether I will be able to generate enough income from TAXINAUT. I plan to work on it for at least a year and hope to manage at least V0.9 within a year. Regardless of sales, I will do my best to deliver at least V1.0. Of course if I have to find other sources of income then progression to V1.0 will be significantly slower.


  • Over 100,000 star-systems each with on average 3 planets you can descent to and fly over their surface.
  • Descent and ascent seamlessly to and from planets.
  • Traffic-control and stations with startports and customs.
  • Suitably annoying traffic, especially on busy planets.
  • Fly into other traffic and interact with the occupants.
  • Planetary expressway and grid-based traffic for faster traversal.
  • Planets with special weather.
  • Galaxy-wide day and night cycle which affects prices and what's out there.
  • Everything costs or pays a galactic currency called VUDU which is also your lifeblood: when you run out, you die.
  • Store some of your VUDU at a bank for safe keeping or take out a loan; lose your home when you don't repay your loan in time.
  • Sleep at motels to create a checkpoint and/or avoid the night or day time.
  • Special harder to find locations that have special benefits (e.g. they sell better warp-cores).
  • Simply quit when you want and continue where you left off next time.
  • When you die you respawn at your last resting place but with only 1 point of VUDU and most of the injuries and damage you took.
  • Buy a home where you can create regular save-games that you can load at any time for a full recovery of your progress just like in most other games.
  • Planetary underground dungeon systems.
  • Order items remotely from your home from most discovered traders and have them delivered at your door the next morning.
  • Faction based law-system with different rules, permits, tickets and warrants for different factions.
  • Variety of methods for interstellar-travel: Use warp-cores or teleporters or book passage on transporters or intergalactic-liners.
  • Laid back pure mouse-controls for PC lovers: Mouse in one hand, beverage in the other.
  • Buy information from people, charm them, hit them, kill them, etc.
  • Extensive galaxy-map with filter to find back discovered sites and job opportunities.
  • See a map of any planet you've visited an the places you've discovered there.
  • Difficulty rating, icons and indicators on potential fares tell you what you need to know about the trip ahead (if that information is available).
  • Some fares are meter based with an array of possible surcharges, others are simply fixed-price.
  • Passengers can give tips when happy but get increasingly upset if you take too long; they can run without paying, attack or rob you.



  • Windows 10 (It works on Linux but with some issues so it won't be available this year).
  • 3GHz i5
  • 6GB RAM
  • GTX-1050
  • Mouse with left- and right-button and scroll-wheel (a touch-pad like on a laptop will not be pleasant).
  • Keyboard
What's happening with Taxinaut

What's happening with Taxinaut


Update on what has been happening with Taxinaut. Changes, new features and a short video refresher showing the basic game-play.

Introducing Taxinaut

Introducing Taxinaut


Introducing Taxinaut, a game about being a taxi driver in space. Available, as of today, for your vote on Steam Greenlight.

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