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Tankya’s Adventure: The Curse of Zoltar Is a cartoon adventure indie game, featuring elements of platform games and shooters. A colourful and exciting journey where players pit steel fists against dark voodoo magic across beautiful landscapes in order to save the island. Play as Tankya, a young pirate girl who has been born with a unique gift; the ability to talk to Steel. She can only talk to steel, as Gold is too snobby and Iron is too boring. Tankya lives on a tropical paradise, enjoying her days in lazy bliss. However, little does she know – deep in the jungle, from the great monkey temple of Ouzumarogaza, a dark magic is growing that threatens to change everything.

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kaboro says

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Bad game, even for an indie.
Badly designed, full of bugs, pointless.
Start game, you get some hardly readable text thrown at you (typos included), you punch a monkey, then get a timer and a text saying defend your house. Then you get teleported to the house (which is just two steps away) and you are now in auto run mode (first bug).
You start spanking...i mean punching more monkeys...you get no visual or audible clue when you are hit, you cannot move while punching and get stuck after.....just bad.
But the bad doesnt end here, theres more bad to come.
So i got tired of punching monkeys and i went a bit out of their way (they just keep coming on a stright line).
I entered the water and zboing...dead...respawn in auto run mode....grrr...
Go a bit to the left, jump on a platform, image gets fuzzy, "finished level" screen pops....takes me to "second" level....try to jump on a platform, fall in water that didnt seem deep enough but it was....zboing dead respawn in auto run....bla bla.
This game is a mess, nothing more nothing less, as it stands it borders on lack of respect for the players.
With a bit of polish the game could have been good, i wonder if the developer is still working on it or intends to leave it in the poor state its in.


kbadcoe@gmail.com says

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This is a great game. Got an awesome retro feel with a modern twist. Love the finger gun! And noone dies. It kept me playing for hours. Hope there is a sequel :)


xaerty says

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hii i know tis game it has so cool stuf like ...


Ordimis says

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Being the composer/sound dude I suppose I am biased, never-the-less hear me out!

Tankya's Adventure is an exceptionally fun platformer, with basic jumping puzzles and a straight-forward, linear storyline (if a bit drunken, so much rum!). now, whilst this may put some of you off (I know, I know - it's been done before!) the game actively captures some of the best elements of early platformers, and pays a clear 'homage to them! Namely, of course - Crash Bandicoot, and lesser spyro and even the earliest samus games.

With a fresh take on the elements of nature and industry, characterisation and enemy design, yoshellshell and her team have near-flawlessly executed a delicious combination of beautiful artwork, mixed with fun captivating gameplay.

However, like all games "Tankya's Adventure - The Curse of Zoltar" has its bugs/issues. Namely being, the physics and immersion elements of the game.

- Firstly: The text is a bit garish, but cute in that "indie meets pirates vibe" and could ultimately use boldening in most areas, and potentially doublespacing for ease-of-reading prposes.

- Secondly: The jumping can be very unwieldy, especially if you want to play on the high-res settings. A shoutout to crash bandicoot here, you definitely should expect more clear/cut jumping to death areas instead or precariously hanging onto the edges of platforms with no way to get back up.

- Finally: breaking of immersion is in two elements, the occasional lack of a visible goal/path, and the fact that the music stops and starts jarringly, both could be easily fixed with a quick patch.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my 3-hour foray into this indie jewel, with a few minor bug fixes/patches in the future, and expansion on Tankya's story with further adventures, this game will shine brighter than most indie games currently out for release!

Definitely a game to give a shot, have fun knockin' out some monkies,and decursin' the place!

Paul L Olsen

Ordimis, the Arcane.


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