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Tanktical is the ultimate strategy game for iOS. Well, not really, but it wants to be and maybe with some help it could be. Tanktical has been developed for the iPad as a pass n' play multi player game where the ultimate goal is, as per usual, wiping out your opponent. Each turn allows the player to move around the level while trying to locate and attack their enemy, who is only visible when in line of sight. The strategy really comes into play when you start planting EMPs for your opponent find at inconvenient times while dodging mines and EMPs yourself. The environment in each level is completely destructible and so are the sheep!

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Different Methods, an indie game studio located in Perth, announces the release of its iPad Turn Based Strategy (TBS) game - Tanktical! Tanktical has been approved for release and is available from the iTunes App Store today, the 21st of March 2012. More importantly because we think Tanktical is a pretty cool game and want every to have a look at it, it is free to download.

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Tanktical is a turn based strategy game which doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has specifically been designed as a two player pass n' play game for the iPad and therefore has a definite table - top game feel. The beauty of this being that your opponent is able to see your smug sense of satisfaction long before they see the winning shot play out.

As with most tank games, Tanktical requires players to eliminate one another, you do however, only get the one tank. Therefore the strategy you use may change as often as your opponent - are you the "lone wolf" stealth bomber or is it a straight out frontal assault all the way?

Additional features comprise of a destructible environment including exploding barrels and sheep (well, only if you hit them). There is also a choice of weapons between shells and EMPS and an optional stealth mode.

Tanktical Development PicTanktical Release Screenshots
Tanktical Development PicTanktical Release Screenshots

If you and your friends feel they have what it takes to duke it out download the game here:


If you haven't already, check out our Tanktical trailer here:

For more information about Different Methods or to let us know your thoughts the following links may be of interest:

Developer website: www.differentmethods.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/differentmethods
Twitter: www.twitter.com/differentmethods

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