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This entry represents a book app embedding the flash fiction compilation "Tales From Haran". The idea behind using a program different than an e-book reader to show the content is that it provides a better user experience, the app being designed especially for this book and not generalized content.

This also helps the author by providing another option apart from the mainstream and classical approach of using online bookstores.

Book description

"Emotions - we all have them. Some wreak havoc in our minds and cripple our bodies. Other bring us to tears of joy, and make the seemingly impossible, possible."

Tales from Haran is a fantasy flash fiction compilation set in the world of Haran'utarië - a broken world that was once destroyed, but refused to die.

Follow the elves, humans and other beings of this world as they experience heartbreaking grief, attraction, enthusiasm and much more through 21 short stories.

Legal mentions

This entry contains copyright material approved by the author Elin V. Pettersson for me to distribute it in such a format.

Thank you for reading :)

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Cover 04

On the 31st of December, a few hours before midnight me and the author of Tales From Haran (a flash fiction compilation) published the book on Amazon and the book reading app on the universal Windows 10 Store. So far so good, nothing too interesting. However the next day, after dealing with the New Year's hangover we got a really weird idea, to try and attempt to put the book on ... Steam!

How cool would that be? To have your games and books in one single place.

Right now it's just the Greenlight Concept, which means that the votes don't count towards the Greenlight but they're mostly used as feedback.

Do you think it can work out? Give us a shout on our Greenlight page! Maybe we can make this a new thing, who knows?

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