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Tabletop Gods has arrived in Early Access!

The Elder God has vanished! In the wake of her disappearance, war has erupted in the heavens!

In Tabletop Gods you play the role of a god vying for power. Gather your devout mortal followers and face-off against other players on desktop PC or in VR (Rift or Vive) as you lead your army across tabletop battlefields in frenetic, arcade-style battles.

Tabletop Gods features single-player Skirmish and Trials modes, and multi-player Head-To-Head mode. The intense fifteen minute matches are perfect for quick one-off games or for longer multiple-battle sessions. Meet up with friends and other players in the game's social Arenas, and spectate on ongoing battles or dive into a battle yourself!

In a Tabletop Gods match, you have three rounds to achieve your goal of destroying more of your opponent's Strongholds than they destroy of yours. At the start of each round you'll have a short amount of time to swap out spells and troops, and secretly set traps and deploy mighty weapon towers. During the three minute round, you'll use your slowly replenishing Mana to deploy troops onto the tabletop battlefield to attack your enemy's Strongholds or to defend your own. You'll also cast powerful spells to thwart your enemy's advances or to bolster your own attacks. Destroy your enemy's Strongholds to gain new territory into which you'll be able to deploy your forces and push the battle towards your opponent!

In each match, you'll take command of the Human or Undead faction. You can also deploy a selection of mercenary troops who will fight for any faction! As we continue development of the game, you can expect more factions, more mercenaries, more spells, traps and towers and more tabletop battlefields to wage war upon.

We look forward to you joining us at the start of our journey! See you in the game for some intense arcade action, Tabletop Gods style!

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Tabletop Gods has left early access behind. We've got a new mercenary coming soon, a contest for exclusive content on the go, and more players than ever are joining in on the fun!

Get into the battle at steampowered.com/app/858860 and join our community at discord.gg/tabletopgods for your best chance at finding an opponent.

Remember, we do weekly meetups on Thursday nights at 6pm EST! You can find us at twitch.tv/ttgcommunityman. Feel free to join in on the stream or in game for some competitive action. There is plenty of new blood out there to face, and we're stoked to see new strategies emerge.

But what is Tabletop Gods?

In Tabletop Gods you assume the role of a god vying for power in the heavens. You’ll face other gods across tabletop battlefields as you command your troops in battles that blend frenetic arcade action and tabletop wargaming.

Quick battles allow for one-off games or multiple matches in a session, whether playing single-player or head-to-head against other players. Your goal is simple: destroy more of your opponent's Strongholds than they destroy of yours.

Tabletop Gods allows you to hang out and play in social arenas with friends and other players in VR on Rift and Vive, and non-VR (desktop PC). Don't feel like playing? It's OK to just hang out and chat! For your first foray into the game, we suggest you first watch the in-game How-To-Play videos. Then, try out the first single-player WAR Trial which gradually introduces you to the various troops, spells, towers and traps at your disposal. Of course, you could just go hardcore and start playing multi-player immediately. Who are we to judge?

Multi-Player and Single-Player Modes: Tabletop Gods is, at its heart, a multi-player game. To jump right into the action we suggest that you go to the ARENAS list and select an existing Arena where you'll find other players already duking it out. You can also select QUICK MATCH to be matched up with someone else who is also wanting to play right away. Tabletop Gods also features a couple of single-player modes:

Trials is the main single-player mode. There are currently three different types of Trials match: WAR, ORDERLY DESTRUCTION and KILL THE KING, each of which requires a different path to victory. These are explained when you first enter a trial.

Each match in a Trial will pitch you against an increasingly challenging AI opponent. In some matches you'll even find that your faction is locked, or your troop roster is locked or restricted in some fashion to increase the challenge.

Practice mode is primarily for testing out multi-player strategies and tactics in a 'safe' environment against an AI opponent. You'll be able to choose your opponent's difficulty level, faction and the table to play on.

Limited time offer! 2 Pack Humble Bundle.

Limited time offer! 2 Pack Humble Bundle.


For a limited time you can pick up 2 copies of Tabletop Gods for only $29.99! Playing is always better with friends.

Brand new faction!

Brand new faction!


Brand new faction now playable in Tabletop Gods; along with a new table as well!


Wow,looks super cool!

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