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Syndemic is a randomly-generated action shooter that emphasizes upgrades, quick reflexes, and microbial puzzle-solving in a biological setting.

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JesusIsGodAlmighty says

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Nice ideas for sure, to get more used to Bacteria, Fungus and Virus and there names. Sadly.... I'm not sure it is still something being worked on. But at least i've had some fun with it.
Don't care much for the story, but to learn a little more on the names and get more used to micro biology.

Sadly you can't change the keys to the standard wasd - and sometimes full name are not given either on the critters.

10 for the overall idea of micro biology, and the game being alpha was pretty good already.


Epiceco says

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Great game, nice looking graphics and a nice concept but still needs to be worked on.


taldanino says

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Amazing game


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matt12134 says

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