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Unlock up to 7 difficulty modifiers to activate in 3 game modes to increase your score and build new Synchroms.

Explore 4 unique musical atmospheres through 50+ different tracks.

Put your skills to the test in an explosive and colorful 3D world, sharpen your senses and show precision to defeat your opponents.


  • Minimalist and intense gameplay
  • Bright, explosive design
  • Alternative indie soundtrack


  • Level up your Synchroms to unleash their full potential
  • Loot and assemble powerful Synchrom prototypes
  • Play on Mac, PC and Linux thanks to our own HTML5 and WebGL engine


  • Unlock epic modes, difficulty modifiers and hold the highscore
  • Challenge the world with the online leaderboards
  • Co-op multiplayer, get your friends to join you at any moment on touchscreen!
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Hi folks!

Synchrom first major update 1.1 will be officially out on the 2nd of October, 2015. Meanwhile check out the new Enhancements and Bug fixes in the changelog and the already available pre-release.

This new major version changes the global balance of the game therefore the leaderboards have been cleaned for you to perform even better results! Globally the game will be more fun and more rewarding as you reach high combo levels and flow.

Features & balance

  • Added reverse colors to the final phase of Holotraining
  • Revamped all Cryptangle stages :
    • Normal and Epic stage : Reduced Cryptangle life on early phases
    • Normal stage: Phase 2 has reverse colors
    • Epic stage: All phases have alternate colors on Cryptangles body and energy shields layers
    • Epic and Infinity Stages: New Cryptangle attack, Twister Beam, which changes the color of your Synchrom whenever it hits you

Reverse Colors in first phase of Epic Stage

Reverse colors

  • Added new power ups with new Fx :
    • Gem storm : drops higher level gems on every shot and activates autoloot
    • Super delta : significantly increases the combo gain rate
    • Focus boost : recharges the focus bar on a successful shot
    • Reflection boost : temporarily removes power ups drop cooldown so you can stack them
    • Absorbtion boost : replaces Absorption Bonus
    • White pulse : new visual fx on the Synchrom
    • Overshield : enhanced the visual fx

Focus Boost effect

Focus Boost Effect

  • Acrobatics :
    • New backward acrobatics which grant you combo gain bonus as well
    • New 900° loop in both ways which rises the number of acrobatics to 12

Black Moon backward 900° Acrobatic

Black Moon backward 900° Acrobatic

  • Gems :
    • Added 2 new levels of gems ( 9 levels ) for higher combo levels
    • Revamped gems score to be more consistent
  • Added Skip as a style shot when you successfully perform a shot skip
  • Easier and faster combo gain, reduced steps from 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 with Omega Synchrom
  • Added new separated leaderboards for Normal and Epic stages

Visual Enhancements

  • Full revamp of Power ups and Gems with new visuals, glow effect and opacity bumps for better readability.
  • Full revamp of combo interface with specific UI for each level of combo and animated delta increase.



  • Lag reduced by changing most scale effects to opacity effects and 3d sprites in Menus and In Game css items
  • Other minor performance fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the Synchrom to stand here instead of dying when being hit by a projection or the Cryptangle while Rage attack was on. Definitely a tricky one.
  • Fixed some bugs on phase change.
  • Other minor fixes

Find our steam page here : Store.steampowered.com

Thanks, Arch and Fox from Morphiks Studio

Synchrom award and Pax Prime 2015!

Synchrom award and Pax Prime 2015!


Synchrom is released on Steam after its successful Greenlight! Meanwhile we were awarded the Best Action Game in the Intel(R) Level Up Contest 2015. And...

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