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SWOOOORDS! Colon Lords of the Sword is a 4-player cooperative dungeon crawling action game made in Unity 3D, inspired by Gauntlet, Golden Axe, Bastion, and Spiral Knights.

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irendie says

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This game is simple hack'n'slash. Metal music is adding excellent atmosphere. Someone can say that this game has terrible graphics but it doesn't matter → this graphic style harmonize with battle style and music.

And if you want to fully enjoy then try multiplayer in 3 or more peoples. It's excellent!


Zawrioh says

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Overall, a very solid gameplay with attacking, blocking and dodging. I like the way it plays out smoothly.

I dare say it can be classified as a simpler Dark Souls before its release and hence a must play from me.

I also like the absolutely brutal vibe the game gives with the blood and lava.
It'll fit right in with any gamer that loves metal.

Last but not least, the specials of each attack remind me of BloodBorne, where each weapon had a charge attack.


Zankman says

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A very fun and addictive little "hack 'n' slash"; it may not be a RPG, but it is a satisfying singleplayer and multyplayer experience, especially having in mind the random nature of the levels.

Good music, fun multyplayer and a pretty difficult game.


Waddlesticks says

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A really great game to play with friend!
(Just make sure you all have a controller each!)

But the gameplay itself can give hours of repeated play, especially since the depths randomly generate the level each time!

Worth a shot especially since its free!


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