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As President Anton Rayne, lead Sordland into ruin or repair in your first term. Navigate a political drama, driven by conversations with your cabinet members and other significant figures in a country with its own complicated history. Beware or embrace corruption; shirk or uphold ideals.

In 1954, the country of Sordland is emerging from a 20-year dictatorship, following a bloody civil war. You play as a charismatic young man, Anton Rayne, who has surprised everyone by rising to the top of the party in power and getting elected as the new President of Sordland.

The people are hungry for democratic reforms after decades under a traditionalist power. The economy is in shambles and the political landscape is shifting. Neighboring superpowers are watching closely, and there are military threats on the horizon.

Can you pull the country out of its recession? Will you meet the demands of your people for reform? The future of Sordland depends on your choices. Good luck, Mr. President.

Work closely with your Cabinet members to forge strong policies and practices for your government. Make deals and allies to benefit the people—or yourself. But remember: everyone has their own ideals, and agenda. Pick your allies carefully, and your enemies even more carefully.

Which is more important, your country or your family? It’s challenging to be a good father and a good president at the same time. Can you do both? If not, which one will you choose?

  • Weighty, dramatic conversations: Navigate intricate conversations in this 400K-word branching political drama.
  • Every choice has consequences: Make difficult choices on security, economy, diplomacy and more. Even outside the office, your beliefs will be challenged by your friends and your family.
  • Make allies and enemies: Interact with a wide array of characters with different personalities and ideologies.
  • Pay attention to current events: Follow the situation in Sordland through reports and news.
  • What will your legacy be?: Where the country ends up at the end of your four-year term is determined by your decisions.

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Warm greetings from the Torpor Games team. After some rest following the intense pre and post-launch period, the team set out on to make the first minor content patch. While it still heavily focuses on bugfixing and polishing the core experience, it does add some content for our players to enjoy!

This patch addresses several of the concerns raised by the community and we hope it improves the overall experience for new players! We wish you all a great holiday and as always many thanks for your support.

Remember to drop a review if you liked Suzerain and you can always talk to the devs directly at our Discord and let us know about your thoughts: Discord.gg

A Morgna her coren!


1.0.5 (18/12/2020)

The changes require a new game to apply.


  • Added load previous checkpoint to in-game escape menu
  • Checkpoint designations are scenes, bills and decisions

User Interface

  • Added military strength section to other country panels
  • Added four different military strength levels
  • Added allied relation type to other country panels


  • Reduced starting economy by 1
  • Improved election calculation and added bonuses to certain actions
  • Improved conditions by adding new factors
  • Made conditions more complex
  • Added negative economic damages of canceling
  • Added new economic damages to not controlling
  • Increased the economic and public opinion damage of
  • Added late-game economic damages to having uncontrollable debt
  • Made more difficult
  • Made economic bonus checks for combined decisions more complex
  • Balanced bonuses
  • Some balancing on
  • Government budget losses for early taxes and trade choices are instantly changed
  • Balanced conditions of the old public opinion related reports
  • Made slightly less likely and slightly more likely


  • Added more hints about the
  • Improved the flow and addressed some loopholes
  • Added more feedback to military choices and added a final straw section to the
  • Deivid gives more consistent advice on potential dangers and mentions certain optional events
  • Iosef gives more logical advice to the player about the Rumburg situation
  • Added a heroic moment with
  • Added feedback about the to a scene
  • Small addition to Turn 02 security overview about Rumburg
  • Expanded flexibility with and
  • Added some more content to the
  • Added to the ending


  • Added situation to the early game for feedback
  • Added situations for
  • Added new reports for election to give feedback on calculation parameters
  • Added missing reports and news for
  • Added news about the negative debt situation in turn 09
  • Added news and reports about diplomatically
  • Added more hints about the danger the military poses to the administration
  • Added updates to different military strength variations of Sordland compared to other countries
  • Improved some journal entry texts
  • Improved consistency of military-related reports
  • Fixed some misleading news and reports. Also one should not fall prey to their biased media!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dozens of wrong triggers on news and reports
  • Fixed several wrong situation triggers
  • Fixed condition error on Iosef advice logic
  • Fixed several wrong dialogue conditions
  • Added missing conditions to some dialogues
  • Fixed wrong Valken condition
  • Fixed dozens of typos and text errors
  • Fixed accidental time travel in Epilogue
  • Fixed jailed minister working from jail
  • Fixed missing Queen article
  • Improved keyword linking and improved the selection
  • Fixed wrong Lespia government type
  • Fixed wrong condition responses in budget meeting
  • Fixed some wrong journal entries
  • Updated the description of some decisions to make narrative sense on optional paths
  • Fixed narrative support error around minority rights
  • Improved some journal entry text
  • Fixed wrong situation variable name
  • Sordland no longer can have two active Vice Presidents
  • The Colonell won't smile without a reason
November Broadcast

November Broadcast


The inauguration ceremony is nearly upon us. Tomorrow, at 8am PT, Friday the 4th of December Anton Rayne will step into the role of President of Sordland...

October Broadcast

October Broadcast


The votes have been counted and Anton Rayne has been elected president! His term will begin on December 4th.

President Anton Rayne’s Term Begins December 4!

President Anton Rayne’s Term Begins December 4!


The votes have been counted, and today Anton Rayne has been elected the fourth President of Sordland. His four year term in office will commence on December...

Sordland Today: Anton is USP Chairman!

Sordland Today: Anton is USP Chairman!


The United Sordland Party has today announced that Anton Rayne, a Member of the Assembly, has won the USP Congress vote and become the new face of their...

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anime Mod

anime Mod

Suzerain: the anime Full Version 2 comments

first upload of the mod, include full conversion in the codex and sprites


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