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"Survivor: Forgotten World" is a First-Person-Survival RPG, set in 1983 and based on Unreal Engine 3. You need to eat, drink, sleep and fight, after your advent upon unknown land. Losing all your memory from your previous life does not help you either, so you have to craft, learn and remember old and new things all again. Things, you thought were not special to have.

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Aug 23 2013 Anchor

hi guys,

after all the months and the last update (amazing!) i wanna ask you if there will be a beta, where players (me) can test the game previously.


Aug 30 2013 Anchor

Well, while nothing is confirmed right now. We would like to release something playable at end of the year.

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

That would be awesome, cant wait for it to play :D

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

And even if it is a beta, the 2 year wait would be kind of a waste if the first version you got to play was broken and unfinished :P We can't really set any exact dates, the team is working as hard as we can, even when we are all from around the world and we all have school and jobs to worry about, besides we always tend to run into unexpected problems which halts our progress for a bit (someone leaving etc).

Dec 15 2013 Anchor

Any news on the Beta? Coming out in the near future (next month or so?) Looks like a ton of fun so far!

Dec 16 2013 Anchor

No estimates right now, sorry. It will definitely come out next year though.

Mar 14 2014 Anchor

News about the Beta? :)

Mar 17 2014 Anchor

Not yet. Sorry.

Apr 13 2014 Anchor


Update 17 April 2014: Im your longest Fan i would be very disappointed if you would start a beta without me!

Mar 21 2015 Anchor

News about the Beta?

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