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A huge open-world game where you have the freedom to play how you want - but your choices have consequences. You've survived the zombie apocalypse by living in a bunker for a year and now it's time to venture out. Scavenge for supplies, find other survivors, trade or fight with them, form relationships and build a community. Go on quests, face moral dilemmas, and uncover dark, terrible secrets!

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Poll: Which controls do you prefer for movement? (34 votes)
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Nov 1 2014 Anchor

I'm interested to know if people often make their own controls setup when playing on a PC with mouse and keyboard - and how it compares to other games. Do people generally prefer WASD to the arrow keys? Do you find aspects of the controls clunky, such as the fact that Escape/F1/F2/F3/F4 are at the other end the keyboard to the arrow keys?

By the way, your controls settings are saved to a file called Settings.xml in the savegame directory, which on Windows 8 would be:

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\SavedGames\Survivalist\Survivalist - Saved Data\Player1\Settings.xml

If you think you have the perfect setup, email me the file or put it on pastebin and post a link here or something :)

Nov 2 2014 Anchor
  • AlternateAction F
  • Kick E
  • Reload R
  • MoveForward W
  • MoveBackward S
  • MoveLeft A
  • MoveRight D
  • Sprint Q
    it is sad that the game doesn't recon the LEFT shift key

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Nov 2 2014 Anchor

it is sad that the game doesn't recon the LEFT shift key

Went and mapped it to something just now and it works for me..? It recognises it as a different key from the right shift, with a (slightly) different icon.

Jan 20 2015 Anchor

I know it's too late, but I'll give you my key config, anyway, so you have a leftie's POV;

Move Forward - Up Arrow
Move Back - Down Arrow
Move Left - Left Arrow
Move Right - Right Arrow
Sprint - Right Shift
Reload - R
Kick - Left Mouse Button
Alternate Action - Right Mouse Button

That's what I would use for the actions listed above, (even though I do have the game, I haven't yet started a playthrough as of yet. Much, much confusion, upset, anger and feeling lost and afraid on my part....What I guess I'm trying to say is that RL shit is getting in the way)

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