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In 17 August 1945, Indonesia declared as independent state following Japan surrender several days before and many Indonesia support new government of Indonesia including in Surabaya. Arek-arek Surabaya or Surabaya's peoples try to defending their freedom by attacking Japanese bases in Surabaya to get weapons. British soliders arrived in Surabaya at 25 October and made lot of street fight agianst Indonesian until 30 October. Situation become calm with leaders of Indonesia met with British commanders but big change has happen with Brigadier General Mallabay killed at same day. New British commander vow to attack Surabaya from all sides if arek-arek not surrender until 6 AM 10 November. Arek-arek refused and large battle happened in Surabaya...



Sengkala Dev
Based in Indonesia

Release date:
June 1 2020



Available From:
$5.45 - itch.io


Surabaya Inferno is Real Time Tactic based on battle of Surabaya, one of biggest, epic, and deadly battle in Indonesia history with about 100.000 Indonesia militia fight agianst 30.000 British soliders in order to defending independence of Indonesia.


The idea of this game from pictures of battle of Surabaya . Many epic pics make Sengkala Dev want to make Battle of Surabaya in RTT games. For long time, this desire holded since we focus in Perang Laut but this is time to make this games. If you search in internet, there are some groups make this event to game, but noone make RTT game like this.

For long time, Sengkala Dev mostly make games based on colonial times(Pedalahusa Fall of Bali ), and kingdom(Perang Laut Maritime Warfare). This is first time for us make modern war game so we need learn more about many sound effects and modern tactics.

From the experience making strategy games, we make different version of Pedalahusa Fall of Bali and Perang Laut with more focus in war strategy rather build the city and military. In this game, conquer and defend is main key to win the war unlike previous games.


  • real time strategy
  • history games
  • we bring history to game


Dawn of the battle of Surabaya YouTube


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Sengkala Dev allows for the contents of Surabaya Inferno to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Surabaya Inferno is legally & explicitly allowed by Sengkala Dev. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.indiedb.com/games/surabaya-inferno/presskit.

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link of Surabaya Inferno in Itch,io sengkala.itch.io/surabaya-inferno.

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fan page of Sengkala Dev gfacebook.com/SengkalaDev.

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link of Surabaya Inferno in gamejolt gamejolt.com/games/surabayainferno/476354.

About Sengkala Dev

Sengkala Dev is small indie developer located in Tangerang, Indonesia. We specialized in making RTS game based on Indonesian historical event.

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