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This is a complex RTS game, spanning from the WW1 period through modern times (currently planned).

This game has a deep focus on resource management, political decision-making, diplomatic relations,
trading and of course military strategy. Unlike any other RTS this game will require sophisticated strategies and thoughtful thinking when building your nation, and the road to victory will not be as easy as building the most military units. There will initially be three different factions or nation government systems, Democracy, Communism and Fascism. Though, I am thinking of
perhaps adding Islamism in the future to accommodate some interesting features like terrorism etc.

Each faction will have their own set of units and special modifiers. Eg, communism might get cheaper labor whereas democracy might get a higher production efficiency.

This game is not your typical RTS like Red Alert or Starcraft where you have one or two resources from
which you just spam units like there was no tomorrow. In this game there will be an array of different resources that has to be managed in order to accomplish anything. And resources are not simply gathered and then put to use, rather you’ll have to extract and transport resources, refine and then combine them in order to get useful materials to expand and advance your nation.
I am planning on having 15-20 different resources of which five-seven will be “essential” (like food and energy/power).

I am also planning an advanced resource maintenance cost where resources will be spent as an upkeep for certain units and buildings. This means that you will have to think twice before building those 100 tanks, do you really have the steady resource income to supply them all with fuel, munitions and food?

Another unique feature in this game that has never been seen before in an RTS is that resource “gather points” will be totally dynamic, differing from game to game. Basically, resources will have a certain probability to exist in certain terrain areas (like oil in desert) and you will have to do surveys of the terrain to locate the resources. So beware of where you build your cities, there might be a gold-mine underneath.

Win conditions, cities and management
Even though military unit production like tanks, planes, ships and infantry will play a major role in the game, you will still have the option to play through a match without building a single military unit, as destruction and conquest won’t be the only way to win a game (this will be customizable before match start).

You will have to manage your nations economy, diplomatic relations and trade resources with foreign
nations in order to supply your cities and industries. One of the most important elements of the game will be your cities. Each city will function as a separate entity and their population will require a steady stream of goods and services in order to be happy and supply critical resources such as manpower, money and resource points. The cities will be expandable with different kind of buildings like hospital, university etc. to give different bonuses.

Oh, and all of these building will be targetable by enemy units, adding an increased layer of “harass
and defend”. Eg, if an enemy want to cripple your scientific efforts, he could focus on attacking all scientific-related structures.

Diplomatic relations

All players/nations will start off with neutral diplomatic relations (unless you’ve teamed up before match start) and only if you declare war against another player will you be able to attack them. There will be several different win conditions (which can be chosen before match start) where of course total domination will be one, but more interestingly there will be many civilian win conditions as well. For example, Wonder creation, population happiness and economical superpower.

Trading system
There will be an advanced trading system in which you can buy and sell resources from other players of AI. In fact, you will be able to wage wars even if you don’t have your own war industry. Military units will also be purchasable on this market, so if you are in an alliance, you could all specialize in certain units to help military production across the alliance.

Terrain and nation borders
I have not yet decided if I will opt for destructible terrain or not (though buildings and units will be
destructible of course), however there will be an array of infrastructure-options. I am planning on implementing realtime construction of bridges and tunnels in order to cross rivers or mountain-ranges and I will most probably also implement a road and power-line construction system which will be needed to connect cities to one another and supplying them with goods. This will open up some cool features for attacking enemies where they can simply cut of an entire cities supply lines by destroying all the roads leading into that city. The same goes with bridges, where an enemy could just blow up a bridge to deny access to important resources. Dynamic infrastructure-terrain placement of this kind would be something totally unique in the RTS genre. I have not yet decided if there will be nation-borders that other players are unable to enter (unless at war or allied) or if everyone will be able to move anywhere. In such a case, I will probably have to implement a wall-building feature.

Single-player and Multiplayer
My primary focus will be a multiplayer-game where up to 10 different players can play on the same
map. However, I will absolutely support a single-player option as well, where you can compete against AI players (skirmish). A single/co-op campaign might also be included, but only after MP/Skirmish-play has been fully implemented.

Development & estimated realease
I have been working on this game for about eight months. Practically every minute of my spare time is spent working on this project. So far, a significant portion of the basic code is finished. i have a working system for controlling units, building units and structures, woking with upgrades and most of the core features of any RTS game. Code-wise I would say that it's 70% done (excluding AI and network). However, much work is still needed in the content creation department. Fair estimate for when it's done would be one-two years at current rate of development.

Supported platforms
I am using the Unity game engine so Mac and Linux compatibility will most probably be supported along with the Windows-version. I am currently using some Win32-API functions but those can be replaced in the future.

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I love RTS games like C&C and Empire Earth, I love management-games like Civilization and Railroad tycoon 2, and I love decision-making political games like Europa Universalis. About a year ago, growing tired of all the "spam units forever" RTSes, and not satisfied with the depth of other RTSes like CoH2, I came to the conclusion that I must try and combine all the best elements from said genres and create something that requires more thought and strategy to win, rather than the amount of key presses one can accomplish in a minute.

And so this project was born. It's been a very bumpy road, since my programming skills were very limited at the start. But now, a year later, I have a "somewhat" working game, with most of the "dirty work" done. There is still very much work to be done though, and this video is just a first development video showing the functionality of the basic functions in the game.



i hope this isn't dead, i really liked the idea.

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