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STM is an endless platformer with quests, obstacles to avoid, power ups to learn and upgrade, and bosses to fight. The player takes control of the tiny hero with the aim of running from Dr.Zoo’s poachers. Leap from one platform to the next and get as far away as possible. Be careful of obstacles, enemy creatures, and fight huge bosses. The game has a story, presented as Acts (1-5, still ongoing), where an Act is comprised of 2 maps: an adventure map and a boss map. These maps are initially locked to the player until the player has reached the required levels. The game also features an online leaderboard specific to each map.

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We're formally announcing boss battles for Super Tiny Monkey. There is a planned total of 5 bosses for the game, and we'll reveal them one at a time. We'd like to introduce you all to the game's first boss: Razor Wings.

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We're formally announcing boss battles for Super Tiny Monkey. There is a planned total of 5 bosses for the game, and we'll reveal them one at a time. We'd like to introduce you all to the game's first boss: Razor Wings.

Razor Wings is an eagle experimented upon by Dr. Zoo. Continuous experimentation brought about the discoloration of his feathers and turned red-maroon. He's larger than ordinary eagles, which can also be attributed to the experiments done to him. He has the laboratory tag BZ-1497, and one of the five favorite creations of Dr. Zoo. He is also very loyal to his master. He will be the first minion to be dispatched by Dr. Zoo in an attempt to recover the escaped experiment BZ-1538, A.K.A. Goggles -- our Super Tiny Monkey.

The following images are actual in-game shots. Because the game is still in development, these images are not representative of the final product.

True to his name, Razor Wings can harden his feather that can cut like a sharpened blade. It's even more dangerous when he throws them towards a target. He can throw these feather blades in any direction, and with varying velocity. Fortunately for our hero, he can use the shield to deflect these blades and send them back to Razor Wings.

Red featherblades can be deflected using shield

White featherblades cannot be deflected!

Aside from his feather blades, Razor Wings can also use his wings to send a powerful gale force towards his target. Unlike his feather blades though, he takes a little more time building up the wind around him. The whirlwind he projects cannot be deflected, and is stronger than his feather blades. These whirldwinds will bounce around the screen and simply die out eventually. They can also hit Razor Wings.

Aside from projectiles, sometimes he will also resort to melee attacks. He will use his powerful claws to damage his target. This attack is his strongest, but also poses a high risk for him as he becomes very vulnerable to Goggles' power dash.

Power Dash at the right moment

Finally he has the "Raining Blade" ability. He will fly up the sky, far from our hero's reach, and his feather blades would start raining down. While it's not his most powerful move, it poses no risk for him, and it's quite difficult for the player to dodge it.

The "Raining Blade" is his ultimate attack

The screenshots shown are not final. Scoring will be different from the normal "Adventure" mode in that the number of platforms you pass by are not counted at all. Instead, you will be scored based on the number of combos you were able to perform while dealing some damage to the boss. Your damage per hit is also part of the calculation, as well as your remaining life.

The release of this boss will have completed "Act 1" of the game. I will talk more about our plans regarding the episodic nature of Super Tiny Monkey on future articles. Until then, please stay tuned and bookmark us to keep yourself updated on our progress.

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