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About the game

Super Red-Hot Hero is a frenzied action-platformer indie game inspired by Super Mario Bros, Super Meat Boy and Megaman. Travel through Red-Hot Energy at the speed of light, punching and shooting the forces of the Kazan Army in your path. Make your enemies explode to create your own way with the explosions of Red-Hot Energy that they generate!!


  • More than 30 frantic and full-of-explosions stages!
  • Amazing powers to facilitate making things explode, and create Red-Hot Explosions to hop in!
  • Punch enemies!
  • Shoot enemies!
  • Different ways to complete the stages depending on your creativity making enemies explode!
  • Stunning Red-Hot Music
  • Easy to play. Hard to master. Always fun.


JUMP: You can JUMP on your enemies and make them EXPLODE!

super red hot hero jump

PUNCH: You can PUNCH your enemies, throwing them across the stage and make them EXPLODE!

super red hot hero punch

SHOOT: You can SHOOT your enemies and make them... Guess what? EXPLODE!

super red hot hero shoot

TRAVEL: You can take advantage of all of these EXPLOSIONS and TRAVEL between them at the speed of light!

super red hot hero travel


super red hot hero kazan army lo

PLANET KAZAN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2016 -Newsletter for soldiers-

We are pleased to report on the progress with Red-Hot Energy. We can confirm that this energy, concentrated from pure lava, is the most powerful energy ever created.

super red hot hero density big

super red hot hero kazan army lo

PLANET KAZAN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2016 -Newsletter for soldiers-

The amazing Dr. Professor said in his last interview:
King Kazan had a great idea conquering this small planet and moving us here. There is a lot of volcanic activity and native people are happy to help us getting all the lava we need to produce Red-Hot Energy. We are proud to say that currently the Red-Hot Energy provides energy to all weapons and infantry of the Kazan Army.

super red hot hero concept hero

super red hot hero kazan army lo

PLANET KAZAN, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2016 -Newsletter for soldiers-

The experiment known as Super Red-Hot Hero has escaped from the base causing serious damage.
Be prepared to stop him. He's not a standard native, he has much power and will use it against us.

super red hot hero wanted

About us

STRANGELIGHT GAMES is an independent game studio from Barcelona. We have grown playing good games and we want to get old playing and making good games.

StrangeLight Games was founded in 2013. Our first game was a platformer called “Magma Tsunami”. In "Magma Tsunami" there was a huge magma tsunami chasing you all the time and forcing you to run very quickly. People liked the game and we were invited to 3d Wire Market to show it. We received a very good feedback and when we came back to Barcelona, we decided to bring our company to the next level and make a bigger game for consoles and pc. Super Red-Hot Hero comes from that game, but it has changed a lot!

We have been in GAMEBCN 2014, where we met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot about this amazing job. We have won the "Best use of Playstation platforms" and we were nominated for "Best game of 2015" at the Playstation Awards 2015.

super red hot hero playstation asuper red hot hero thanks for yo

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First of all... Happy new year!!

I want to show you some of the cool rewards we have prepared for the Super Red-Hot Hero's Kickstarter campaign, and we would like to know what do you think about them :)

super red hot hero kickstarter b

Fashion Hero Reward

Let's have a first look at two possible designs for the shirt we make for the Fashion Hero Reward:

Kazan Army design:

Camiseta Kazan Army small

Hero Design:

Camiseta Hero small

The final design will be decided by the backers who pledge for the Fashion Hero Reward in our Facebook group. If you are one of them, you will be able to suggest ideas too!

Creative and Super Creative-Hero Rewards

If we reach the goal, and you pledge for one of these rewards, we will send you a dedicated physical postcard like this:


Then, you will have to draw your design for the S-Tv face inside. Ok, we will send you two of them, in case you change your opinion about the first design :)

Stv BluePrint Monocle

When you have it, we will need you to scan it (or take a good quality photo) and send it to us by e-mail. We prepare it and use it on our S-Tvs!!

stv monocle

Remember, we can only accept faces with black line and white background, to keep the style of the game :)

Now, your S-Tv is ready to be destroyed by Super Red-Hot Hero!!! :)

stv monocle and super red hot he

Designer Hero Reward

If we reach the goal and you get this reward, you will be able to design a stage of Super Red-Hot Hero with us! (and the previous rewards)

And how will you do this?

We will send you an e-mail with a template, so you can draw the obstacles in it. We use the software Tiled to do this. You can use it if you want, or if you preffer, you can print it and draw it with a pencil. We will support you during process.

super red hot hero tiled stage

When you are done and we have received it, we will talk by skype to make sure that we understand everything you designed and to finish detailing it.

Then, we will make the stage (without decorations, only gameplay) and we will send to you a little demo with it. You will be able to test it at the same time as we will do.

super red hot hero unity stage

When we all like it, we will decorate it and include it in the game!!

Ooops I almost forget, and we will name the stage as you want (not offensive names ) and include your name!!

These are some of the Super Red-Hot Hero's Kickstarter rewards. You can see more of them and participate HERE

What do you think about the rewards? And about the game?

Thank you for your support!!

Bernardo - StrangeLight Games

More Than 50% Achieved! We Show You A New Enemy And We Update The Demo!

More Than 50% Achieved! We Show You A New Enemy And We Update The Demo!


Thanks to your support we achieved 55% of our goal!! To thank you, we have some things to show you!




Super Red-Hot Hero passed Greenlight!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Now, we have started a kickstarter campaign to finish the development and launch it...

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