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Journey into the adventure and become a platformer hero of the extraordinaire kind. Explore ancient secrets in this exclusive epic jump'n'run gaming expirience! Fight your way throuh more than 50 level in 5 different worlds (Jungle, Castle, Desert, Winter, Halloween). Each world got its own themed boss and different enemies, are you dare enough to defeat them all? Avoid a lot of traps on your way to adventure. You play as Trisha in this great jump n run game. On your journey you need to help King Bonez. The poor king got robbed by the bad dudes and lost the Wizard Stone. Now its up to Trisha to get the robbed Wizard Stone back, before the Bad Dudes use it for bad stuff. Equiped with magic boots and a magic wand, you dont hustle to start the adventure into Super Mage World. These epic platformer game is complete free to play, an adventure for the whole family.

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