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Enter this Arcade-RPG adventure incarnating the young thief Slade. Go through multiple places to loot in the Eastern Lands, visit special zones, face several bosses and discover various mini-games and additional extras.

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About the game


Slade is a young and outstanding thief who has grown up between the filthiest thugs and bandits of a famous illicit activities guild, which, since immemorial times has ravaged the Eastern Lands.

However, the King of these lands, someone who was a respectable and fair person has dramatically changed; he has become greedy, sullen and excessively cruel.

Magically, he founded new elite of guardians who seemed to be possessed by a demon. They managed to find all the hideouts of this huge guild and they murdered all their members…

...except Slade, who could barely escaped.

Since then, the kid has remain hidden, planning his vengeance and a way to loot the Eastern Lands in order to reestablish a new and more powerful guild with him as King of Thieves.

World Map: You can move through it and choose multiple destinations.
From the map it can be distinguished:

  • Levels: Required-access destinations in order to advance in the game.
    Blocked levels (in red) will not be available (in green) until the current level is finished (in gray).
  • Special Zones: Everything that is not levels (normally in the shape of a house, or a tent). You can access to minigames so as to obtain more points or support items, or you can perform additional missions.

Minigames: They serve as a complement of the main game and the additional mission.

Bosses: They are in certain levels and each one has their own mechanics.

  • Beat all game levels. In those which allow bonus, the more you can unlock the better.
  • Complete the additional mission. If you have unlocked the entire possible bonus too, you can enjoy an extra extension in the game.
  • Discover all the achievements the game offers through Steam.
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