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What is Sunken all about?

1) Permadeath – Since the beginning of the project, we wanted “Sunken” to be hardcore. When you die, you lose your levels and equipment, however, the skills you have unlocked stay that way. It is important for us to tell this to you, the players, early, as we do not want you to be surprised when you lose the items you have crafted or looted or the levels that you gained by progressing through the dungeon. Go big or go home!

2) Crafting – Crafting is an important part of “Sunken”. More than anything, you will be looting crafting materials. Crafting is done exclusively in the ‘crafting room’ found on every level of the dungeon. To be able to craft anything, though, you will need to find recipes for the items or the abilities that you want to craft (yes, the abilities are not gained through leveling, but by crafting!).

3) Randomization – Although the levels aren't randomized (the reason for this will be written below), the monsters and the loot are random. Whether you’ll get a weak sword or a great armor, whether you’ll run into a few zombies or an elite Impaler with Tormentors following in his wake, is left to chance, the chance you will have to take in “Sunken”.

4) Leveling – Soooo, where is the real RPG element in all this, right? By leveling, you gain stats. They are Might, Dexterity, Vitality and Intellect. With each level gained, you have five stat points to distribute as you see fit. Even when you find the best-in-slot gear, the game is not over, you keep leveling and fighting. Just be sure to use the distribution to follow your style, as you cannot get back the points you have invested. As the death is permanent, invest these points well!

5) Atmosphere – Sure, we like games that are simply fun, but the immersion through visuals, sounds and storyline is irreplaceable for us. Thus, “Sunken” will try to be heavy on immersion. This is also the reason why the levels aren't randomized – they look too generic, at least with the very limited assets available to us. This is also one of the reasons (the other one being permadeath) why “Sunken” isn't as fast-paced as some other games of its genre, thus there are no stats like “attack speed” or “movement speed”. Stomping the content as quickly as possible isn't the goal – survival is. “Sunken” is set in an eerie dungeon out of this world and we want that atmosphere to sink into your bones

6) Narrative – We like story-driven games. Although “Sunken” is an ARPG, we have tailored the narrative to our liking, and we tried not to allow the action to overshadow the story. There are many lore books lying around in each level of the dungeon, and we hope they will be a treat for the people who love having a good story in their games. The narrative is not spoon-fed, and you will have to figure out some things on your own. Of course, for those not interested, skipping any narrative piece is always an option.

7) Competition – You will fight – until you die. Compete with other players by checking the leaderboard. Whoever reaches the farthest ‘spin’ and ‘level’ (hey, we do not have to reveal everything, right?), is leading the boards. Go get them, tigers. You don't want to compete with other players? No worries, completing single player campaign will give you just as much satisfaction. You make the decision.

We believe in open door policy. If you've got any questions, we want you to know the answers. Ask us anything you want (although beware, we wish to keep some secrets about the game... well, secrets) but pretty much everything else is open for discussion.

Ask questions in the comments section. We will give our best to answer quickly. We value your questions, support, and interactions, so we will do everything possible to make you smile. Our E-Mail is sunkenarpg@gmail.com

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Sunken now in Early Access!


We are proud to say that Sunken has now entered Early Access phase! Here's a trailer:

If you happen to like the game you can find it at our Steam page.

We appreciate all feedback, good or bad!

Thanks for support,

Hit the Crow studio

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