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Tower defense with a twist! Build your own path and create magical, Escher-like defenses Sun Sentinels is a fresh look at the tower defense genre, currently being developed for tablets and PC. Set in the land of ancient Egypt, players take on the role of one of the high-priests of Ra, defending sacred temples against the forces of darkness as the god Apep attempts to swallow the sun for eternity. Unique to the game are mechanics that allow for a variety of spell casting, and editing the path the enemy walks along directly. The in-game camera allows you to create optical illusions that link distant points on the map in a way that can trap some enemies while towers do their work.

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A call for upvoting on greenlight so we can finally publish on Steam, an update of our company and where we stand as a business, some information of what is happening in our local area that we are personally excited about, A new office space that helps facilitate our needs as an indie company, And update to social media, and the mention of a special announcement to happen soon!

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Hey all! We are in the final stretch of development. We know it has been a long road, and we are desperate to get you your copy of Sun Sentinels, but we still need your help to do so! So feel free to UpVote our steam greenlight, and get us the ability to publish Sun Sentinels on Steam!


Now, we are aware of the fact that you guys have been hanging by a thread, and for that we cannot apologize enough. This was a huge undertaking for us. Sun Sentinels started as a project for students and has grown to be the first IP of a full fledged indie game company in the Orlando area. If you aren't from Orlando, a massive rising of indie game companies has been happening, so much so that Orlando is breaking ground for a massive section of town specifically for technology and entertainment, which has been lovingly called "Creative Village".


We have recently moved into our new office, the Orlando Gamespace! It has provided us the ability to continue working on games, and also pick the minds of other local indie developers who are VERY talented! We've also been a part of the community making up Indienomicon! Because of this, our team of All-Voluntary Full-Time students has changed to include full-time workers who are moving quickly to wrap up our final pieces! This means that Sun Sentinels will be available SOON!


We have arranged ourselves better to now put out information on a MUCH more frequent basis as well, which means that if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you'll get updates frequently on what we've been doing. We post news, updates, photos, art, pretty much everything that we are involved in!




So feel free to look us up on those platforms, we have plans to expand to others when we announce our second title, but for now, look forward to Friday when we give you all a big announcement!

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