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StreetWalkingMan is the fast paced, twitch based, Norse mythology, neon-lit, funky beats infused, 2D-arcade-walking-simulator that amplifies the electric alliterations in “scintillating”! StreetWalkingMan was designed to flood your sensory awareness by means of tight controls, celestial celerity, progress rewards, mischievous AI and the general feeling of becoming more powerful than any man, woman, beast or child. Step on to the funky beats and get in sync with the Aesir as you unlock progress and powers through prowess and feats of skill, fairly rewarded by an overzealous AI.


In this "Running Out of Time" Demo our titular Street Walking Man is caught in a time loop trying to get to the end of the road, survive before everything resets and try to learn about its cosmic predicament! Meanwhile the Universe throws all sort of calamities, singularities and metaphysical obstacles in its path! A second Demo with full-screen support. It's quite bare bones but enough progress was made to warrant a second publication. Enjoy your run and beat your records!

StreetWalkingMan DEMO 2
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