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StreetWalkingMan is the fast paced, twitch based, Norse mythology, neon-lit, funky beats infused, 2D-arcade-walking-simulator that amplifies the electric alliterations in “scintillating”! StreetWalkingMan was designed to flood your sensory awareness by means of tight controls, celestial celerity, progress rewards, mischievous AI and the general feeling of becoming more powerful than any man, woman, beast or child. Step on to the funky beats and get in sync with the Aesir as you unlock progress and powers through prowess and feats of skill, fairly rewarded by an overzealous AI.


WHAT'S IN IT? - The full game in its current BETA state. WHAT'S MISSING? - All the things we’re currently working on right now: -- In Game Sound Effects -- Some Menu Sound Effects -- Dramatic narration of story logs -- Worldwide leaderboards, achievements, all that goes along with integrating Steam or GoG.com -- LAN Multiplayer -- Smart controller switching in multiplayer with multiple controllers -- Tuning and tweaking forever… WHAT'S THE CATCH? - The DEMO is the full game up to today's build. Some limitations were set in place: -- Limited plays sessions: 21 MAX -- Limited length of each play session: 10 min -- Progress is reset between play sessions This is the first DEMO for StreetWalkingMan, so if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback, I'd really appreciate reading them. If you like the game, spread the word and vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Thank you very much for your time and attention!

StreetWalkingMan - BETA Demo 1.0
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