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Stonerid is an unusual and really difficult 2D platformer for Windows. The most important feature of the game are two parallel, different worlds. To finish each of 32 different levels, one must deftly use differences between alternative dimensions. Unconventional game style, and lots of dangerous traps and monsters make it extremely difficult to rise to the challenge. The main task is to solve the mystery of toxic substances that have appeared unexpectedly on Atronast Mountain.

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kaboro says

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The artwork is wonderful, very detailed, very polished and a pleasure to look at.
The dual-world concept is not new but i think this is the best implementation i've seen so far.
The level design is very good, exploring the levels and finding the hidden places is interesting and fun but very hard, even on the easy difficulty, the game is hard. I die a lot but keep coming for more.
Its a very good and polished game, its a pity so few indie games are so professionally made.


Benben516 says

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It is a fun platformer with a great concept, would recomend checking it out.


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