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Welcome to StaudSoft's Synthetic World 0.2! It allows you via a seed to create a unique landscape with mountains, oceans, trees and beaches. Although it looks like a normal game engine, everything in the game is based on voxels. So everything you see can be changed. You can cut down trees, build a house or dig into the ground!

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captian.filly says

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This is really a cool game. I just bought it on Steam. Makes fun to build something. Monster hunting is not so good. But the developers are constantly developing it further!


saintskilled says

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I played the game for several hours and I think it has much potential. There are some things missing like fluent water or good looking animals (the developer says that these are placeholders). But nevertheless you can already craft a lot of things. It has chests, doors, signs, torches and electric wires. And there are lots of different landscapes to explore. I created an igloo in the ice desert!


micromil says

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I have only played a few hours and so far the Game has a lot of potential, but is still very much a work in progress.

This game has a great engine, the terrain works really well. Looks nice and digging out dirt leaves stone in waves and realistic ways.

The Mobs need a lot of better animation.
Sound needs work.
Movement is fine however the caves are a bit quirky often you can get stuck in low ceilings.

Crafting system is quite standard. I hope to see some improvements to set it apart from others and reduce micromanagement.

Overall good, but wait a little longer if you want a game that is more complete. But if you like a crafting building game with a little more realism definitely worth a look.

Try the demo first and make up your own mind.

The water physics definitely needs work. But still fun.


Slayer_2 says

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Amazing, loved the alpha build and that was obviously super early. Pretty much this game is how I wanted Minecraft to be. Can't wait to see where it goes.


AntoG4 says

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this game looks like it has potential, so i decided to check it out. Unfortunately its current state is far from what I have expected. I cannot say that this is alpha, its more a pre alpha. Nothing works very well in this game, and the game really starts to annoy me after playing it for a few mintes.
maybe I change my opinion and my vote in the future, but I cannot recommend the game in its current state. I would be very angry if I had paid money for this game.


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Raptor666 says

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