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STATIC CITY is a 3D programming puzzle game. In each level the player must program robots with simple visual programming to complete puzzles of increasing complexity. It is a student project that was created over 12 weeks.

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6qnZOn9l says

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This is a very well done game that has you program (up to) 3 robots to navigate room systems that are littered with obstacles to circumvent and doors to activate. Static City has you graphically create programs for the robots. It starts easy but in the later levels coordinating 3 robots takes a bit of forthought.

I especially like the very good tutorial feature that shows you in-game how to accomplish the task of creating the progams from building blocks, which would be hard to describe in a purely text-based way.

The game has around 15 levels and will be over in an hour or two if you have some experience with programming. But the presentation is very good and watching the robots execute your well-thought plans is fun the whole time.


Alarconte says

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Entertaining little puzzle game!

Fairly well programmed. I don't give you more than an 8 because there are some performance issues, and taking care that the levels are little, this should have been fix.

It's easy to go berserk with Unity particles.

I desire you lots of luck in the game designing world!


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