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One hundred and thirty years after the GREAT WAR the galaxy is a goddamned mess. The core systems are scorched and broken and the world beyond the BARATHA DIVIDE, a vast and treacherous expanse of nothing, is an alien mystery. Brick M. Stonewood (the “M” stands for “Metal”) is a remnant of an older time. A time where men were men and truth spilled at 60km/s from the barrel of a gun. Found by ingot miners in sleep-lock, drifting in a LOKATT MKII DSP eject pod and revived at the Holloway-Exeter Station, Brick is a man driven to unlock the secrets of his past and the strange mysteries that lie just beyond the Divide; a specialist with a ceramic alloy steed, the Starr Wolf, and a fate to make among the stars. The Holloway-Exeter is a frontier town packed into spinning ringed cylinder orbiting the fourth moon of the third planet of a dying star; a great place for a mercenary pilot like Brick to find himself at the pointy end of some clatter and sin. Then there’s the girl.

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Starr Mazer is heading off to PAX Prime in August! We'll have T-Shirts, a Playable demo and some awesome live jams! Be sure to come find us on the show floor and we'll hook you up with some sweet Starr Mazer Swag!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @StarrMazer to keep up to date with the latest Starr Mazer news!

INtense! Staff

I enjoyed all the road to PAX videos. Good luck at the show!

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StarrMazer Creator

Thank you very much! The show and PAX was great! We'll be sure to upload some footage from the event soon!

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