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Create a custom space fleet, lead it into battle and fight for control of the galaxy! A unique blend of strategy and wargame genres, mixed with spaceships and explosions. Powered by Unreal Engine 4.



Snowforged Entertainment
Based in Russian Federation, Irkutsk

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Create a custom space fleet, lead it into battle and fight for control of the galaxy! A unique blend of strategy and wargame genres, mixed with spaceships and explosions. Powered by Unreal Engine 4.


Snowforged Entertainment started from choosing a project – all team members had some concepts of games they wanted to develop. So, first of all, there were several projects of different genres and monetization models. Then, after we discussed details and perspectives of all of them, the team made its choice - Starfall Tactics, Real Time Multiplayer Wargame. And we are happy with it :)


  • Each unit - spaceship - is fully customizable, from the armor down to the individual engines
  • Persistent Universe - MMO mode with wars for territories, pirates, colonization, mining and etc
  • Unique mix of RTS, Wargame and MMO
  • Fight your battles using a variety of ships - from subtle frigates, to deadly cruisers and heavy dreadnoughts. However, a reliable fleet isn't the only ingredient for success
  • Effective commanders will have to rely on their ability to properly assess the situation, taking into account many factors, such as the equipment of enemy ships, environment and the available tech
  • Players can easily customize and outfit ships, adapting their tactics for a variety of situations. Every choice matters - the diverse range of tools directly influences your strategy against opponents
  • Experience epic battles, balls-to-the-wall explosions and stunning visuals delivered via the Unreal Engine 4
  • A persistent section of the game world exists where players can freely travel and explore the confines of known space
  • A variety of activities are available to the players - from fending off pirates to trading, discovering new planets, and gathering intel on a new threat to humanity
  • Unite as a clan and take ownership of different sectors, mine rare types of asteroids, and establish outposts on various planets
  • Whether it's territory, scarce resources or the respect of others, the pressure is on as players have something of real value to lose


Factions Trailer with old gameplay YouTube

Tournament Stream YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

Download logo/icon assets as .zip

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Monetization Permission

Snowforged Entertainment allows for the contents of Starfall Tactics to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Starfall Tactics is legally & explicitly allowed by Snowforged Entertainment. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.indiedb.com/games/starfall-tactics/presskit.

About Snowforged Entertainment

Snowforged Entertainment was founded in a small mountain cave on the outskirts of Siberia. Run by a tight crew of brown bears and one human, the company strives to create games that combine thoughtful, compelling gameplay with contemporary design principles and appealing aesthetics. Currently working on Starfall Tactics - an online, RTS-like wargame powered by Unreal Engine 4.

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