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(game keys, signed postcards, in-game objects YOU design, a chance to become a part of the creative team)

  • Complete mission objectives like building monuments, securing an area or defeating enemy bases
  • Micro-manage your minions by assigning them to jobs they like and are good at
  • Let your minions take a break to make them more effective at work
  • Build light beacons to repel alien creatures that want to steal your resources
  • Train soldiers to eliminate hostile aliens
  • Take care of the basic needs of the colony: provide food, water, light, power
  • Make your minions happy by creating beautifications and entertainment for them
  • Customise your capabilities by buying and researching upgrades for your mothership using resources and intelligence gathered during missions
  • Colonize procedurally generated side-quest planets to secure a stable resource income

  • Procedurally generated maps. Missions feel and look a bit different every time you play them
  • Realistic fog of war, using only line of sight of units and buildings
  • Good, evil or pragmatic? Become the kind of colonizator you want to be
  • Show off your skills and achievements on an on-line profile
  • Original 3D graphics
  • Survival-style minimalistic user interface

Read about plans for the future

It is year 4860
and gorgans have become a successful species of scientists and explorers. They use the lower lorkans for all physical work and manage to control them almost perfectly using long-range telepathy. Gorgans live off the Universe itself - they colonize untouched planets and use acquired resources to progress even further. As a Colonizator, you will be given a chance to create your own intergalactic empire by generating an income, researching technology and upgrading your mothership. You can become a generous and caring explorer of the vast space or a powerful and merciless ruler. Or something in between.

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Lorkans are the lower race, genetically engineered by the gorgan colonizators for work. A worker somewhat resembles a humanoid, but is more muscular than a gorgan and therefore much more suitable for physical activity. A lorkan’s body contains a very strong carrier sack used for transporting materials and for breeding future clones.

Despite their low intelligence, lorkans do have free will. Which is why they are equipped with brain control override devices that allow gorgans to give them commands. The only time such commands are not obeyed is when the brain experiences a serious lack of nutrients or a nervous breakdown.

Please support the project on Kickarter!

Kickstarter is here! Grab great rewards while they last!

Kickstarter is here! Grab great rewards while they last!


The Kickstarter page is now live. Show your support for this awesome uniquely-AI driven RTS!

Come and play Stardust Colonies this weekend in Brighton, UK!

Come and play Stardust Colonies this weekend in Brighton, UK!


I will be showing Stardust Colonies to the general public at the Popup Arcade, Brighton, UK this Saturday at 3pm. Come, say hello and play the game!

Social media pages are here!

Social media pages are here!


Visit Stardust Colonies on Facebook, like the game and don't forget to tell your friends! Or, if you prefer visit us on Twitter

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