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Earth has perished. Human kind built a massive spaceship, an ark to travel through space in search for new home. Everyone is asleep in stasis hibernation, hoping to wake up when the ark ship finds a new home, and construction bots build a fresh base. Ship AI handles the entire journey.

Then something terrible rips the ship into pieces. Ship AI goes into consciousness override mode and loads your neural network into the system. You are now in full control of the disaster recovery procedure. Use your worker robots and drones to rebuild the ship, restore the ecosystem, and ensure the survival of the small remains of the fragile human kind.

The future of the rest of humanity is solely in your hands. Just be aware that the suffocating coldness of the frigid space is not the only thing you should worry about. What are you going to do?

Development Status

Game is in active development for the last 6 months. As soon as the game becomes playable and balanced enough to offer at least a day of good fun, it will be released as Early Access title.

Features already in the game

  • Needs based AI (ala Sims, RimWorld)
  • Sandbox environment with procedurally generated space ships, where everything is destroyable / buildable
  • Advanced oxygen and temperature exchange simulation (oxygen and heat leaks through damaged walls, holes)
  • Electricity grid simulation
  • Unique research tree with technologies that require time, energy, CPU memory and storage to research
  • Pause the game any time, control time speed
  • Extremely moddable from day one - change any graphics, create your own items by mix-and-matching various components, override anything, extend the game through C# code. Core game is being built as a mod.
  • Game is being developed with controller support in mind. Base building games deserve to be on consoles and playable via Steam Link in a living room!
  • Very low system requirements - game is built with consoles and performance in mind
  • Built-in Twitch "play with viewers" mode
  • Game is being actively developed live on Twitch

Planned features

  • Customization for humans, robots and drones [PARTIALLY DONE]
  • AI Storyteller / Story Generator
  • Different scenarios to play through
  • Sandbox / creative mode
  • Survival mode
  • Backstory generation for humans
  • Advanced space travel
  • Asteroid mining
  • Landing on planets
  • Possibility to setup a base on a planet
  • Multiple play scenarios (restore a wrecked ship, build a space base from scratch, take over an existing ship and maintain it, etc)
  • Different AI storyteller implementations

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Hey everyone,

I am proud to announce my next game - Stardeus - a grand project with ambitious scope, a base building colony simulator where you will build and manage space ships and travel through space in search of a new home to settle a base and save humans from extinction.

Wrecked Ship in Stardeus

As in my last game, Bloody Rally Show, there will be a lot of procedurally generated game content, and this time I am going to bring it to next level. And you know what quality level you can expect, I did my best to make Bloody Rally Show a solid game, and I will go even further than that with Stardeus.

You will get to play in massive procedurally generated and wrecked ships.

Wrecked Ship Closeup in Stardeus

Another aspect I am bringing to the next level in this project is the modding support. I am building the game with mods from ground up, to enable you to create your own content and extend the game possible at all levels, from art, to JSON defined objects with various components that you can mix and match to create your own custom items without writing zero lines of code, and for the hardcore modders the game will be open to C# mods that can change the game in significant ways - add new systems, change existing behaviors, create new game modes, and much more. Core content of Stardeus is also built as a mod.

Procedurally Generated Space Ship in Stardeus

Some time later I will do a bigger post outlining the current state of the project in greater detail, so stay tuned, or just wishlist and follow to get notified!


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