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It is 125 years after the death of Palpatine and Vader.Since that time, the defeated Imperial Forces pulled back top Bastion near the Unknown Regions and called a truce with the New Republic. The Jedi, under Luke Skywalker, again became the agents of peace in the galaxy. Peace was shattered by an invasion of fanatical extra/galactic aliens called the Yuuzahn Vong. These "Far Outsiders" killed trillions and devastated world taking Couruscant itself and fracturing the New Republic. A Galactic Alliance of remaining systems, Jedi and the Imperial Remnant defeated the invaders who were exiled to the living planet Zonoma Sekot. During this time, a new breed of Sith, a legion of them led by Darth Kryat, kept patient watch. Emerging from hiding, on the planet Korriban, the Sith fromed an alliance with the newly reforged Empire. Toghether they manufactured an incident that sundered the Galactic Alliance and began a brutal war. The Jedi alone remained to defy the Sith and now they are few...

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