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Star Souls is a single-player roguelike-like tactical sci-fi game.

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A catastrophe occurred: for unknown reasons, one by one stars began to die in the galaxy.
You are the representative of one of the mighty races, sometimes hostile to each other, and your goal is to find the way to a different place, suitable for life.
Your journey doesn’t promise to be simple: the galaxy on the brink of death is not a hospitable place.
Lead the vanguard of reconnaissance ships!

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In Star Souls game you can travel through the galaxy, fight with various enemies, complete various text based events and improve your fleet by finding, earning or buying all sorts of equipment and weapons.

Exploration: Travel through the dying galaxy, where you can handle emerging enemy threats, search the salvation for all the intelligent races and perform different missions.

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Ship Management:
The game offers 30+ spaceships of playing races, many non-playing enemy ships, over 30 kinds of weapons and naturally the player will want to try them all. You can customize and upgrade your spaceships as well as install various modules on them.

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Combat: Battles occur in real time with a tactical pause while the player should redistribute energy between the on-board systems and watch the serviceability of the fleet spaceships, avoid meteorites and hazardous fields, hide in nebulae and make way through trash.

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Story Events: The game produces story events that lead to combat, bonuses/negatives, and many number of fantastic in-game scenarios. You can choose one of three playable races. At the same the quests will be slightly different that will look at the situation from different perspectives.


- Blend of various game genres.

- Jump from one side of the galaxy to the other with your customised fleet of ships

- Unique and epic battles to put your ship to the test.

- A lot of game mechanics on the battlefield, like ram, boarding, etc.

- Active gameplay environment: asteroids, space junk, bombs...

- Battle in real time or pause for a tactical edge.

- Customize your fleet by various turrets and modules.

- Encounter random events and make decisions as fleet captain.

- A unique graphical style: bright and atmospheric art. Yep, our game designer is also an artist))

- Original story and univerce. The outcome will vary depend on the alien race you play for.

- Roguelike elements and fairly high difficultly ensure a challenging adventure.

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The story of Unity


The world of swamps.

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A long time ago we managed to get over the conflicts and left our dying homeland for a new planet that would accommodate and feed us.

And we have found it – Pallada, a gloomy World of swamps travelling around a brown dwarf star. The daytime here was always filled with twilight and the night was darker than black for the light of the moons and the stars couldn’t find way through the toxic smog.

It wasn’t a hospitable world. We found our own ways to adapt to the new home: our lungs volume increased, the skin became much rougher and thicker, our eyes started to see better in the dark. And had the planet adapted to meet our needs and expectations: atmospheric filters enabled us to breathe mostly without masks, some flora and fauna from our native planet stroke roots, here and there the water pumps dried up lands making them suitable for construction and enabling active mining on Pallada.

Despite all that our life here was bitter and dull. The jungles were abundant in dangerous amphibians, reptiles and semi-fish. Toxic and explosive gases would often break through the ground killing those who were too careless. But the worst thing was that this world was alien to us and we realized it even after centuries.

Back to stars.

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Although not a real mother, Pallada had become a decent stepmother for us. While trying to survive and tame our new homeland we clean forgot about interstellar travel. Palladian swamps were hardly suitable for launching jet spaceships. We could only look at the dark sky: first with nostalgia, then in doubt and after centuries – with disbelief.

But once there occurred a real miracle. Pallada which used to be so stingy with presents had given us an invaluable gift – the one our native land was unable to grant. Mellow depths of the World of swamps were hiding a mystery compound which had negative weight and could produce tremendous power. Picking up the required speed was no longer a problem for a ship using the superfuel.

We were back in space but not as miserable outcasts on their only dilapidating ship. This time we were proud conquerors of foreign worlds. Rigorous Pallada had given us good training, had taught us new skills and had cut away the unnecessary. Nothing could stop us now, neither improving our genetic code nor using the artificial intelligence which previously was considered blasphemy.

The way to Unity.

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We had been conquering foreign worlds for three thousand years. Throughout that period genetic modifications and dissemination had made us so different from each other that we could no longer be called one people. We mastered nearly two hundred settlement planets concentrated in one area of the Galaxy. Each of them had its own government, traditions, genetic lines, economy and currency.

No one ever objected to that state of things. Both ships and data transmitters had their speed limit which made it impossible to quickly govern tens of planets from one point.

We realized our unity as one species only when we confronted a foreign enemy – the first alien race of equal or superior force than ours. The aggressive race of Verdans was the foreign enemy all settlement planets ranged themselves against. Now we could call ourselves the Unity as the previous title of our species had lost its meaning.

The war lasted incredibly long. Both parties were equal in strength but the Verdans had created something that would enable them to defeat the Unity in some ten years’ period – they created Similars. Luckily, we met absolutely fabulous creatures who put an end to our fighting with the Verdans.

The Hive were seemingly harmless creatures that used a different way of interstellar travel involving not the superfuel but some mysterious capabilities of their queen bees. Obsessed with the idea of destroying the enemy, the Unity and the Verdans at first didn’t notice a weird beetle people that bustled about on this or that planet. Not until this people whacked both counterparties using its numerical superiority and unusual battle techniques.

The key factor that undermined the fighting capacity of the Verdans was the uprising of Similars after which the three races finally concluded peace lasting for millennia.

Star Souls on Indiegogo and free demo

Star Souls on Indiegogo and free demo


Star Souls game started a fixed funding campaign on Indiegogo. Star Souls is tactical roguelike-like sci-fi game for PC/MAC/Linux. Please, check and download...

Happy birthday Star Souls!

Happy birthday Star Souls!


We've prepared a short annual report for Star Souls first birthday.

Star Souls: what’s new?

Star Souls: what’s new?

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Star Souls was presented at DevGAMM Minsk 2017!!! We made a new funny trailer. Some improvements of artificial intelligence.

Star Souls Gameplay Video & Website

Star Souls Gameplay Video & Website


Enjoy a new Star Souls gameplay video & special Website!

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Star Souls PC Free Demo

Star Souls PC Free Demo


Star Souls is a single-player roguelike-like tactical sci-fi game. Star Souls will target the PC/Mac/Linux.

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