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StarMade is a Minecraft inspired multiplayer 3D space shooter. Build your own ship and conquer the galaxy.

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This update features another bunch of Bug Fixes, Performance Boosts, and small Features.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade, We are testing tirelessly to make the game & multiplayer as fast, and as stable as possible.

Aftermath after alpha testAftermath after alpha test

Important Changes

Auto-Connecting Controllers

Since the use of disconnected controllers is only an option, advanced users are going to take advantage of, all controllers are now automatically connected to the core.

Auto-Selecting Controllers

To further simplify ship building, and to give new comers an easier start, controllers are now automatically selected when placed. In combination with the auto-connected controllers, this means, that there is no more manual selecting or connecting necessary, to build a simple ship. Of cause, I added an option to disable auto-selecting controllers, but even for veteran StarMade players, this is a very convenient feature.

Fixed External Physics for Characters

There was a bug, that would disable convex casting in some locations of structures, leading to physics glitches like clipping into planets or physics fighting. After finally getting rid of that bug, the experience with gravity on planets is now even better. I also improved the client/server synchronization of jumping, getting rid of rubber-banding in jumps.

Fixed Connection Controller Bug & improved its Performance

A bug caused the first batch of connection in a new loaded ship to not being loaded. This only affected small ships, because with the second batch, the whole structure would be recalculated. Still, this caused small ships to have no thrust for example. Furthermore I found another network leak that would transmit unnecessary data for connections. Removing that leak improved network and client performance when entering a new sector or loading a ship from the catalog.

Full Change Log

  • fixed explosive module explosions
  • fixed accidental vehicle spawn
  • ordered sector disk writing/reading operations
  • fixed racing condition that could cause a crash when control structure is updated from server
  • fixed performance leak that woke up the segment request thread even if there was nothing to request
  • blocks now have a minimal lighting
  • fixed invisible block bug
  • fixed spawning points
  • fixed physics bug, that would let characters clip into planets or other structures
  • fixed physics glitches when walking along walls
  • fixed bug where whip would try to lock on with normal weapons after leaving a ship with target chasing missiles
  • fixed bug that would disable the display of selected blocks from outside a ship when entered and exited any ship
  • controllers now auto-connect when placed
  • controllers are now automatically selected after they have been placed
  • fix bug, that would not update the thrust or any other block value in small ships
  • decreased network load of block connection structure to eliminate lag
  • removed boundaries of block textures
  • improved readability of chat with black outlines

StarMade Wiki

star-made.org now implements wiki functionality at www.star-made.org/wiki . The wiki is free to edit for all members of the site. We will constantly be adding new content like help, tutorial, strategies, and more.

More Alpha Testers Wanted

If you want to join the growing community of alpha testers, and meet with us on servers for some testing and multiplayer fun, you are welcome to visit the StarMade forum at www.star-made.org/forum and apply.

Here is an excellent Tutorial in German made by Jarro

Thanks for playing StarMade,
- schema

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