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StarMade is a Minecraft inspired multiplayer 3D space shooter. Build your own ship and conquer the galaxy.

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This preview explains the completely refined docking mechanism. Also, there is a new module: The AI module lets you configure and activate an AI on structures.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade,

Orientated and restricted docking

This feature was very frustrating to implement. It took more then 3 days to find the right combination of thousands of values to get it right. The docking is now restricted to an angle which is directly dependent to the orientation of the docking block. For example if you place a docking module with front orientation, any docked structure will only be able rotate a certain angle around the forward axis. The docking is also now one sided, meaning, that a docked ship won't be able to affect the structure it's docked to. This gives the player the possibility to place more realistic turret like structures on his ship. In the future there will also be variable docking modules, that would allow the player to construct a rotating ring around their ship (using the new AI module).

Here is a picture of my testing rig (the letters stand for: Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back).

Block Orientation Test Rig

New Module: The AI Module

This module allows any ship to be controlled by an artificial intelligence. More than that, it allows the player to configure the behavior of the AI in great detail. It will be possible to create attacking ships, fixed turrets (which are docked to the players own ship or a space station), or friendly wing men. The module will also get a remote control module in the future, allowing the AI to be given commands from far away. There will also be more detailed options of behavior (depending on the type of AI), that allows for example to prioritize attacking certain types of blocks on an enemy ship.

This screen shot shows the AI configuration dialog which will become available for the player, once he places the new AI module on his ship.


What comes next

As the restricted docking is still a bit rough, I'll focus on getting that working properly. Furthermore, lots of graphical features and textures are waiting to be implemented. Also, the AI block isn't fully integrated yet. I hope I will be able to release the Space Stations update at the end of this week.

Thanks for playing StarMade,
- schema

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