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What our life really is? Most people seem to be original, initiative, trying to invent various creative things, being businessmen, artists, poets seeking for something that would distinguish them from grey crowd of idle bodies. But what if this just doesn't work this way. Normally we live to die in several (dozens) years, leave nothing but a grey square on the ground. Our life is a choice which is made without us. The only thing we can is sliding between various shades of grey that appears to be lighter at the particular moment. What can you see on this picture above, for instance? A square with brown gradient and a pixelize dot in the center? Indeed This is the most accurate and understandable model of our life as children. This is your playground, the land of opportunity so many people are dreaming of. The dot has an enourmous amount of free space around, it can choose any way to go. But usually we choose one. Is it our own choice or inspired by other dots that stand for paren

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