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Emeregency meal chase is a fan game of a CAVE's bullet hell shooter.
This fan game emulates the feel of the original with a few changes, notably PC related such as option menus to set screen resolution/keybidings or the addition of unlockables in the form of characters, costumes, alternate modes.

  • an original control scheme: play exclusively with the mouse, or break through the skill ceiling by combining it with a keyboard. Friendly to the physically impaired thanks to an optional auto-fire function.
  • low skill floor and high skill ceiling spread across 4 difficulty levels.
  • 6 stages campaign.
  • score attack mode to tackle stages individually.
  • a wide selection of shot types spread across two categories: straight and wide.
  • mix and match support skills: from the usual screen clearing bomb to the ability to heal.
  • unlockable characters and costumes.
  • true last boss.
  • cameos from other franchises, games and anime alike.
  • a few bonuses and secrets.

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Looking for an artist


The 6 main stages are lacking proper backgrounds, I am currently looking for anyone who could help getting over this.
The backgrounds have to represent various landscapes and need to be horizontally tiled. I've assembled references images for this purpose.

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